Plastic pollution in our oceans is choking our marine life to death. It’s a terrible problem -- but one that we can fix if we act together; We already know a Cash for Containers scheme could slash plastic pollution in NSW. But the State Government is yet to make a final decision, and beverage corporations like Coca-Cola are still standing in the way.

Let’s ask NSW Premier Mike Baird, Ministers Andrew Constance, Jai Rowell, and Troy Grant, to side with the community - not beverage industry bullies - and support effective recycling in Australia.

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Dear Ministers,

I commend your pledge to make environmental protection a priority and in particular to look after our oceans and beaches. One of the best ways you can make these words come true is to finally side with the community and support a Cash for Containers scheme in NSW.

For too long, large beverage companies, led by Coca Cola, have held State Governments to ransom using dirty tactics and political donations to stop a policy that is a "no brainer". One of your own MPs has admitted as much.

As an ocean lover, and a Premier who has vowed to change the culture of lobbyists running rampant in NSW I urge you to demonstrate that you are with the community and the oceans and not beholden to Coca Cola's lobbying.

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