Russian oil giant Gazprom is shipping the first tank load of oil extracted from the Arctic, despite the danger of a devastating spill.

Shell is supporting Gazprom’s risky actions-- but they’ll likely pull out of Arctic oil drilling if we can convince Shell to stop supporting Arctic destruction.

Tell Shell’s global CEO to break its hazardous partnership with Gazprom and stand against Arctic oil.

By emailing Shell you are also joining our movement to create a global sanctuary in the Arctic. Click here for more info.

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Dear Mr. Van Beurden,

It's time to take a long hard look at Shell's business in the Arctic. In April your predecessor signed a deal with Gazprom, the Russian company behind the imprisonment of the Arctic 30, to drill in the frozen north. This led to a wave of public opposition that has made Arctic oil one of the most unpopular energy projects of our era. It's obvious to experts, scientists and schoolchildren that Arctic drilling is a risk too far.

Around the world, a movement of over five million people has grown demanding that the Arctic is protected from companies like yours. Celebrities, Nobel prize winners, Finland, and the European Parliament have all now supported our call for an Arctic sanctuary. It's not a question of if the Arctic will be off-limits to oil drilling, but when.

It just isn't worth it. An Arctic oil spill would likely cost your company billions of dollars and the victims won't just be your shareholders. The region is home to some of the most amazing animals on earth, such as the polar bear, the snowy owl and the narwhal. There are millions of people whose livelihoods could be destroyed in the event of an accident. Meanwhile, climate change is showing its true force around the world and nowhere is this menace more evident than in the melting Arctic itself.

We know there are doubts about Arctic drilling amongst members of your own board, and not everyone thinks this is the right direction for Shell in the future. Listen to them. Have a look at the reports cataloging all those mistakes made in Alaska in 2012. Ask questions about Gazprom's safety record, its risk taking culture, its refusal to engage with civil society.

Make the right decision. Scrap Shell's Arctic drilling program and end the risky deal with Gazprom in Russia.


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