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When Toyota introduced the Prius hybrid in 1997, the company truly was a leader in reducing car pollution. But that was more than two decades ago. Toyota's transition to cleaner vehicles has stalled and the company is now one of the world's biggest roadblocks to electric vehicles.

Toyota has been fighting against effective climate policy all over the world, including in Australia: blocking clean air regulation and pressuring governments to keep supporting out-dated hybrid technology powered by fossil fuels. We can't sit aside while Toyota continues to put profit ahead of the health and safety of Australians and our precious environment.

It’s time to stand up to Toyota, and expose their lobbying. Together we can put the brakes on Toyota’s dirty dealings and pressure the company to clean up its act.

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Toyota, it's time to stop the negative lobbying and to start delivering Australians clean, affordable electric vehicles.

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All Australians deserve better, cleaner transport.


The car lobby, whose largest member is Toyota, have been EXPOSED running a secret campaign that will keep Australia a dumping ground for old, polluting cars. Failing to address pollution from Australia's transport sector will have devastating impacts for our environment and our health.

Dirty transport powered by fossil fuels like petrol and diesel contributes a significant amount of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions - and those emissions are continuing to grow. Unless we address our transport emissions it will lead to devastating impacts for our climate and our community health.

Unlocking Australia’s supply of affordable electric cars through strong fuel efficiency standards will save us money, clean up our air, protect our climate and cut our reliance on dirty, imported fuel.

Electrifying our transport is a win for everyone, but the car lobby has already been busy building roadblocks. It’s time to stand up to these big polluters and expose their dirty lobbying. 

Tell Toyota and the car lobby to START supporting clean transport.

Tell Toyota and the car lobby to START supporting clean transport!