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It's time to Electrify your Electorate.

It’s time to Electrify Everything - but to do it, we need your help! We're launching this phase of our Electrify Campaign to put pressure on MPs to make EVs more affordable and accessible to all.

We’ll be sharing everything you need to petition and meet with your MP - from requesting a meeting, to shaping an agenda, discussing the importance of EV’s in Australia and getting local media attention. So whether you’ve never met a politician in your life, or a total pro-pollie handler - this project is for you!

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How did our cars get so dirty?

Australia is the only developed country without fuel efficiency standards and we have become a dumping ground for high polluting and inefficient vehicles that can’t be sold elsewhere. It’s costing our environment and our economy.


Rising Transport Emissions

Transport is the third largest contributor to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 20% in total, and one of the few sectors where emissions are continuing to grow. Cars, vans and utes make up 60% of all transport emissions. And to date Australia has no plan to cut them.


Australia is a Dumping Ground

Australians are being sold dirty and outdated cars, with higher purchase prices and higher running costs than any other developed nation. In other markets where there is a genuine incentive to sell cleaner vehicles, consumers have a wider choice available to them and can purchase the car that they want and that suits their budget without sacrificing the environment.


We’re Being Left Behind

A lack of fuel efficiency standards in Australia makes it more difficult to get an electric vehicle (EV) with current demand massively outstripping supply. The few electric vehicles coming into the country are selling out within minutes, there is a massive waiting list for cars - and some second hand cars are even selling for more than the original purchase price!

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