Dawn of the Dead: Whitehaven Coal, the zombie mining company

Whitehaven Coal Company is kinda like a zombie extra from Dawn of the Dead. Every time we think it’s finally gone, it staggers to its feet – minus an arm – and comes lurching back into frame.


On the 12th of June, when the Land & Environment Court was just about to hand down its decision on whether the company had to end its winter clearing – Whitehaven gave the Court an undertaking to stop the bulldozers until a full hearing of the court case in September. Good news right? Well, it was good news for the animals still hibernating in this beautiful woodland – animals that will now get to wake up in spring.

Just two weeks later, Whitehaven has come staggering back onto the scene – now turning its attention to blowing up hills within the Leard State Forest. Currently on the verge of moving critical pieces of infrastructure into the forest, the mining company will then begin to tear into the ground and dig a massive new open-cut coal mine.

Luckily, building huge open-cut coal mines does not come cheap. Whitehaven Coal’s investors must be asking themselves if it is time to head for the exits as this dud investment suffers another critical blow.

We think this latest delay in construction is yet another warning to investors. Whitehaven Coal has consistently failed to meet its own construction schedule at their Maules Creek mine, which is why they found themselves in the Land and Environment Court.

Meanwhile, we will continue to support the local community around this proposed mine. We will continue to tell the story of this forest, the animals that depend on it and the communities that care for it and are cared for by it.

Protection of the places we love, the communities that depend on them and the future of a stable climate for our kids is all our responsibility.

Stand up for the Leard State Forest and take action here.

  • Maya B. Kraehenmann

    Sheer inasne madness to destroy OUR earth. Our planet belongs to them who respect it !

  • Linda

    Who are the investors?

  • Who are the investors? Well, former hedge fund manager, billionaire, and confidant of Bill McKibben, Tom Streyer was the bloke was did the deal. Weird hey? Just as weird as former too-big-to-fail CitiGroup financial analyst Tim Buckley being poster boy for the Battle of Galilee. GE and AGL reps on the board of the Climate Institute, dodgy American old oil money philanthropic funding for those who fail to support our starving grass roots groups. Something is profoundly wrong and GP sit at the centre of it all.

    • Linda

      Thanks Michael. I googled Tom. He just doesn’t make sense. Sounds like he’s suffering from a major guilty conscience….and rightfully so.

      • Serious questions should and have been asked of McKibben and his 350.org. True climate justice folk are not fans and neither are deep green folk. He has his “friends on wall street” and his stated agenda to spare ordinary Americans from having to make tough lifestyle choices (Orion Magazine). Sadly we welcomed 350.org and their faux grass rootsyness to Australia. Sadly, despite having billionaires on board, mainstream climate activism is still failing (Tim DeChristopher says it needs to fail).

  • Dozzer

    Why don’t you people put more of your efforts into helping our fellow humans in poverty than just the trees and animals. Isn’t a human life worth more than a tree?