Thousands join hands for our climate future

Activists join hands around Parliament HouseOver 2500 climate activists and concerned Australians are currently encircling Parliament House in Canberra. They have linked hands around the building with a united message for Australia’s leaders:

“We will not let you commit us to a dangerous climate future.”

They are calling for urgent action on the climate emergency that threatens Australia’s future and the world.  Their action follows an intense three-day national Climate Summit which produced a list of 2009 campaign objectives:

Newcastle activist, Naomi Hodgson, says, “Today marks a turning point where we say we will not sit on our lounges and watch the government give in to polluting industries and consign us all to an uncertain and dangerous future.”

As we posted yesterday, there is a shift in the climate movement driven by urgency.  Those holding hands around Parliament House today are not a bunch of hippies. We are mothers, scientists, business people, children and commentators. And we all want the same thing – a safe climate future.

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  • We face global issues.

    Can’t greenpeace, avaaz and other communities join together and create a united face and give a Single focus to Global Warming/and PEACE. Or is there an ego issue? I’d love to hear an argument why this should/could not happen.

    We have a moment in time when people are sitting up and paying attention because the global financial crisis confronts us all. We have threats of protectionism that will threaten global unity.

    This is getting serious and we may not have a time when people are prepared to hear the message of cooperation for long.

    We need to be creative in economics and carry the ideals of peace and addressing global warming into a new economic model.

    Here’s my thoughts. You’ll need a facebook account.

    We need ways to engage everyone and we need to collaborate globally. It may be more appealing than you think but we’ll never know if the questions aren’t asked.

    PEACE and greeness.

  • amanda

    i think its great what you guys are doing and i would love to get involved but im only 15 sooo yeh 🙁

  • Darren Smith

    @Rob Absolutely and thanks for your comment! That was what was so brilliant about the Climate Summit. More than 150 climate action groups across Australia reached consensus on clear goals for 2009 and strategies for working together.

    These goals are at:

    It’s very much a case of watch this space!

    Greenpeace Australia Pacific

  • Darren Smith

    @amanda Thanks for your support 🙂

    Only 15, and it’s your future. Check out the Australian Youth Climate Coalition:

    We’re on MySpace ( ) and Facebook (Greenpeace Australia Pacific fan page) … so you can continue to keep track of what we’re up to there as well.

    Greenpeace Australia Pacific

  • ainslie

    Hey amanda, alternatively, check out the Australian Student Environment Network – 🙂

  • Murray

    Did someone forget to invite the media?,what the hell was the almost complete non-media attention about?

  • Would love to see the video of Bob Brown’s speech at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy on Tuesday up on You Tube! Was there and heard it. Very powerful and motivating.