The BP Deepwater Disaster: One Month On

Greenpeace oil specialist and marine biologist Paul Horsman recently visited the Mississippi Delta to see first-hand the oil that is beginning to wash onto the shores of this delicate coastal ecosystem.

Greenpeace is calling for an end to oil exploration and an end to deep-water oil drilling, so that the industry is sent a clear message: that the age of oil is over and we are moving into an age of clean, renewable energy.

In the video below, Paul talks about some of the impacts he’s seeing on the Delta shoreline.

  • Cristina Padeiro

    I think that is urgent that we create a moviment with a subscription of signatures to envolve all the people and protest against the oil platforms on Golth of Mexico. The “great “countries and companies like BP must known that all the people of World are sad and angry because our planet Earth is in danger.

  • Kerrin Ambrose

    On the US Greenpeace site citizens are invited to send a petition to Congress to ban all new oil drilling to avoid another spill disaster.

    Is it possible for Greenpeace to set up a global petition.

  • i believe that this spill has had a HUGE impact on the daily life of many people and we all have forgotten about it but it hasnt gone away. we all need to help volunteer to save peoples/animals lives.