9 breathtaking rooftop gardens around the world

Rooftop gardens are not only a great way to combat air pollution, global warming and foster peace of mind in the city – they’re also beautiful. Take a look at these majestic rooftop greeneries from around the globe.

Productive urban green spaces are an inevitable and exciting part of the future of the world’s cities. Urban areas need green space not only for food and combating air pollution, but also to revitalise community life. Take a look at these gardens revolutionising city life around the world.

1. Kensington Roof Gardens, London, UK

Kensington Roof Gardens, London, UK

Image via Business Insider

2. Parkroyal Hotel, Singapore

14 Parkroyal Hotel Rooftop Garden, Singapore

Images via Decoist

3. Mill Valley Cabins, California, USA

11 Mill Valley Cabins rooftop gardens, California, USA

Images © Joe Fletcher via GBlog

4. Green Intercontinental Resort in Sanya, Hainan, China

Green Intercontinental Resort in Sanya, Hainan, China Green Intercontinental Resort in Sanya, Hainan, China

Images © Patrick Bingham-Hall via Arch Daily

5. Chelsea, New York City, USA

Rooftop garden in Chelsea, New York City, USA Rooftop garden in Chelsea, New York City, USA

Images © Sotheby’s via Home DSGN

6. Waldspirale, Germany

Rooftop garden in Images © Sotheby’s via Home DSGN  6. Waldspirale, Germany

© Kuebi via Inhabitat

7. Chicago City Hall, USA

Chicago City Hall, USA

Photo via Wicker Furniture on Flikr

8. Acros Fukuoka building, Japan

Acros Fukuoka building, Japan

Photo via greenroofs.com

9. Beirut Wonder Forest, Lebanon


Alas, this is just a digital design by Studio Invisible. Is this what the future of the world’s big cities looks like?

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  • Anne O’Brien

    My understanding is that in Australia our buildings aren’t designed to take large loads on the roof, unlike countries that get snow… but most of those gardens don’t look too heavy


    • Kylie Pearson

      Maybe our government should bring in regulation so our buildings can hold beautiful gardens like this. 🙂

      • Owen Heath

        maybe our government should go to the rooftop and we could spring otta the garden and push the useless bastards off,

    • Giel Sniedt

      The standard roofs in other countries are also not designed for greenroofs. The snowload is an extra load which should be additional to the laod of the greenroof build-up.

  • Massive restrictions for architectural design though there has to be medium that enters into this proposal

    • Jasmine

      Just another challenge to work within the guidelines of.

  • Marilyn

    Google the amazing sustainable habitat restoration work done by William McDonough & Partners at the badly polluted Ford Motor Company industrial site. Here is a TED talk about this work thisd man does http://www.ted.com/speakers/william_mcdonough 🙂

  • Tez

    It would have been nice if these gardens were not merely decorative but for growing food. I am sure there are plenty of examples for rooftop vegetable/fruit gardens.

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  • Sandy

    come on NZ we are supposed to be green and clean lets see some of these in our inner city buildings and apartments

  • Andrew

    Great to see good ideas for the greening of our air in cities. We can hardly breathe in London.

  • BasculeTheFule

    Much of this appears to be in wealthy districts or resorts. Until it is made available to poorer folk in regular areas it is nothing more than window dressing a massive problem.

  • jenny orme

    I’m an advocate for urban roof top gardens since my days living in New York City. My husband and I created a garden on the roof of our apartment building. It was an oasis in a sea of concrete and tar. It also became a place of community and tenant activism. I’s like to start an advocacy group to promote this idea.

  • rutto

    I see a great potential for a specific kind of plantation.. too bad it’s illegal in most parts of the world

  • cindi crandall

    amazing and beautiful garden in cities, i love this very much. http://www.tekfon.com

  • keryn

    Wow wee you ! So cool, I imagine there are fruit trees and vegies up there too ?

  • These look fantastic. It’s really great to create gardens on a rooftop. They utilise the rooftop space for growing plants and which is beneficial to the environment. It can help improve the quality of the atmosphere and can increase energy conservation. Hopefully this helps encourage others to install roof gardens.

  • Danil15

    thanx, but very little about roof garden ideas, check here http://myrooff.com/roof-garden-ideas/