ROAR if you love tigers!

Happy International Tiger Day! We’re always working to protect tiger habitats – but today we’re taking some time to celebrate these majestic animals and all the reasons they’re truly incredible.


Tigers are ancient

Respect your elders! Tigers have been around for a very long time. Tiger fossils found in China are estimated to be up to 2 million years old.

Sumatran Tiger in Indonesia

and they have a lot to show for it

Tigers have spent thousands of years developing fantastic hunting and survival skills. Unlike other cat species, tigers excel in the water and can swim long distances – made even more incredible by the fact that they’re generally heavier than a piano!

With night vision six times stronger than that of humans and a roar that can be heard from kilometres away – it’s no secret that the tiger is a special species.

Sumatran Tiger at Melbourne Zoo

Tigers are essential to their ecosystems

The largest wild cat in the world and an apex predator, healthy tiger populations are a crucial part of maintaining the biodiversity of many ecosystems. With an entirely carnivorous diet and a capacity to consume up to 40 kilograms of meat at one time, tigers can help keep deer, wild pig, antelope and buffalo populations in check.

Sumatran Tiger in Indonesia

but they’re endangered

A century ago, as many as 100,000 wild tigers inhabited Asia. Now, we’ve lost 97% of those big cats, leaving around 3,000 in the wild today. Incredibly, this means there are less wild tigers than there are tigers in captivity in the US alone.


You can take action to help protect them

Forests are disappearing in Indonesia at a faster rate than anywhere else in the world. Take a pledge to Protect Paradise and ask companies not to use forest-destruction and dirty palm oil in the production of the products you love.