How Greenpeace crashed the Australian Mining Awards

Greenpeace tells coal bosses: hands off Australians? tax money

It was the mining industry’s favourite night of the year – their glitzy awards bash. At a hotel in Sydney’s CBD, fossil fuel magnates drank champagne, slapped each other on the back and handed out awards. We thought we’d pay them a visit.

Here’s the reality of the fossil fuel industry: they get billions and billions of our tax dollars a year in handouts. Coal mining alone gets enough in subsidies to fund 30,000 extra nurses. And what do they do with it? Destroy the environment, speed up climate change and take home vast profits.

So tonight we crashed their celebrations. We did something a little tongue-in-cheek (think animated game show, wads of fake cash being thrown to coal mining executives…) but the message was loud and clear: Australians have had enough of our tax dollars funding a dirty, destructive industry.