Meet Ulamila: Climate Activist In The Pacific

Ulamila Kurai Wragg is a mother of four. Frustrated by the lack of awareness of climate change issues in her region, Ulamila has set up a media network that aims to be a platform for climate impact stories in the Pacific.

In this video, she stands before a sea wall that’s been built to stop the encroaching seas from washing away her family’s home. Stay tuned for more stories from the people we are speaking to in the Pacific.

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  • If I could live in the aircon. in the tropics, I thought this morning, I would, you think; or consider the people that live under overhead fans fulltime. I used sto go into energy saving and keep the electric lights off all night, and live dawn to dusk, since all this business of climate change,etc. However, the natives used to tell us to keep off the street in the afternoon and I did try to get out of the mid-day sun all the time. The people who lived in the area of the islands and Far North Queensland north coast always had the problem of observation or tourism as a morbidity as well as a source of income. Due to the cyclone weather we got cut off from the south a lot of the time, and due to the changes at port, I never got to get around on the water again as a local of the area. I do agree with the awareness issue and mission, and I wish I could have done more, too.