Leaked copy of APEC Leaders Statement

Today we were leaked a copy of the draft APEC leaders’ statement on climate change.

For a minute, it sounded like APEC might actually do something good on climate change. A quick read through the document, however, confirmed our suspicions: that APEC is being driven by the John Howard and George W Bush anti-Kyoto agenda. The spin is good. To an outsider, it looks as though they’re trying to do something about the climate.

But a closer inspection shows it’s business as usual. They acknowledge the importance of fossil fuels (read: coal), nuclear power- and a new and expanded ‘coal pact‘ which talks about more research into renewable technologies.

It says they are committed to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, which again sounds great. But 12 years ago world governments decided the UNFCCC would not deliver the deep cuts in emissions that the climate science is telling us we need – that is why they negotiated Kyoto.

The APEC declaration is clearly ‘Made in the USA’ – covered with a thick coating of Australian coal dust.

There’s talk of a “long term aspirational goal” for improving energy efficiency and stopping deforestation. But this sounds remarkably similar to the idea floated by George W Bush ahead of the G8 meeting. Bush has put discussion of his “aspirational goal” on the agenda of his upcoming “Big Emitters meeting” at the end of September. But get this: his deadline for agreeing that target is the end of 2008 – that is, after the US elections!

For both Bush and Howard, their goal is to look as good as they can so that they can deflect criticism until after their elections.

Let’s get this clear: there is only one place for discussion of targets, goals, and cuts in global emissions – and that is Kyoto. In Bali in December, governments from around the world will come together to discuss how they will strengthen the Kyoto Protocol. This is the proper place to make key decisions on the climate – and this is what the APEC leaders should commit themselves to.

The scientific evidence on climate change is clear: we need to act fast – and now – we don’t need Bush and Howard distractions through APEC or any other “initiative”.

Leaked report:


  • John Hammond

    It’s hardly surprising that Howard and Bush are planning on using APEC to try to spin their way out of trouble. What is interesting is that there obviously people all through the bureaucracy that are sick of participating in the deception and are willing to leak documents like this. Good on the whistleblowers!

  • Karen Elliot

    If anyone has an explanation for why the Australian government is so strongly opposed to ratifying the Kyoto protocol I’d be glad to hear it. Howard and Turnbull claim that we’ll meet the kyoto targets anyway (seeing as we won such huge concessions) so it seems as though we’re just playing a spoiler role to undermine the agreement – regardless of the direct impact on Australia.

  • john

    You can see some good interviews about this document on the abc lateline programme: http://www.abc.net.au/lateline/content/2007/s2008559.htm

  • Leisure Coaster

    Nice work on the leaking of the APEC document. Just goes to show you what lengths the Aus + US governments are prepared to go in order to scuttle the international agreements on climate. This is a trend that should be resisted if we are going to avoid catastrophic climate change.

  • Marcus

    Karen, I thought everyone knew?

    Howard was pro-Kyoto when Clinton/Gore were in the Whitehouse.

    Only after Bush took the oval office and picked up the phone to Johnny did he flip-flop.

    Johnny even said Kyoto was going to be ” a win for Australian jobs”. Suddenly, post-Bush, Kyoto was bad for Australian jobs.

    Don’t believe me? Read the transcripts on Anthony Albanese site re Howard and co, pro-Kyoto early 2005:



  • Fredrik Lundberg

    The reason why Australia wants to undermine Kyoto is that it is #1 coal exporter. Serious climate policy means death of the coal industry. The demand for oil and gas will not diminish any time soon (say 25 years), so they can live with Kyoto. Coal can’t. There are alternatives such as gas, wind, biomass, now. The US coal industry and power industry have always been the core of the anti-Kyoto lobby.

  • Phillip Huggan

    If these leaders were serious about addressing Global Warming through technology, they could each come out of this meeting with a 2-3 cent per kW/h wind power production tax rebate/refund/credit, and incentives to research wind, geothermal and solar power.

    As it is, this is nothing but a club for those dedicated to screwing over our children. Vote all of these *hot air* proponents out of office since their negotiations don’t yield fiscal or spending announcements. Any government that supports fossil fuel interests at the expense of modern civilization’s survival should be voted out. Neocapitalists will always respect trade-sanctions if science doesn’t work.

  • Tony

    Bush and Howard are both liars and are just talking about climate change and how they can try to stop it but everything they are saying are lies and they are just saying it for a few votes to get them across the line in the election, so dont fall for them people.
    Get rid of Bush and Howard put an end to them.

  • Liz

    I’d really like to know if the government is really going to do things they say that they are going to do or if it is just a cover up, according to the article, it shows that the government is just trying to cover up.But I would like to find out.

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