How to Climb an Oil Rig – in Pictures

What you need to climb an oil rig

  • a very good reason (to stop Shell drilling for oil in the Arctic)
  • an oil rig (Shell drill rig, bound for the Arctic)

1. Locate oil rig

2. Drive boat alongside and board

3. Set up rope for your team mates to come up

 4. Climb the oil rig

5. Climb up the rope and watch boat crew

6. More climbing

7. And more climbing

8. Rest on an anchor chain

9. View from the top

10. Hang your banner

11. Make yourself at home

12. Have a sleep

13. Job well done

Photos 1,2,4,5,7,10 © Vincenzo Floramo / Greenpeace. All other photos by the Greenpeace climbers on the rig.

Blog by Daphne Christeli

Even in 13 steps, it doesn’t look easy – and that’s because it’s not! All our volunteers are very well trained and prepared for this moment. We’re counting on you to help make the most of it – because with just 100 days before Shell could start drilling, every moment matters.