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Our Green Electricity Guide has landed!

Posted on August 14, 2014 by Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Want to know whether your power company is really green and not just a wolf in green? You’re not alone.

Since Greenpeace kicked off our campaign to stop the big three power companies – EnergyAustralia, Origin and AGL – wrecking Australia’s Renewable Energy Target we’ve had a stream of people asking, ‘If I want to leave them where should I go?’This question from Sonya, a Greenpeace supporter, is typical:

“Thank you for raising the issue of the “Dirty Three”. It would be helpful if there was another power company that we could change to. Who do you recommend?”

Finally help is at hand – a new, independent online Green Electricity Guide which provides a state by state ranking of electricity retailers against seven clear criteria. Greenpeace worked closely with the Total Environment Centre to produce this independent, thorough guide to Australia’s energy companies.

Power companies don’t have the best reputation with consumers, and people are rightly sick of the confusing deals and hard sell tactics.But the good news is that the days of being stuck with just one power company is over. While EnergyAustralia, Origin and AGL currently provide electricity to over three quarters of Australian households, there’s a bunch of progressive companies providing cleaner energy at a comparable price.

The great news is you can exercise your consumer muscle and swap power companies for the sake of the environment. Our guide doesn’t tell you how to switch but from what we hear it’s pretty easy.

So why not visit the Green Electricity Guide and consider moving to a cleaner, greener power company today? And help change the face of the electricity sector in Australia while you’re at it?

How the Guide works

  • Twenty electricity retailers servicing Australian households were assessed against seven transparent criteria, employing publicly available information and a survey which nearly all companies returned.
  • Power companies in each state attract either a green, orange or red ranking.
  • Companies were assessed against seven criteria: investments in fossil fuels or renewables, pollution intensity of their assets, support for – or hostility to – Australia’s Renewable Energy Target, offers to solar owners (additional feed-in tariffs), GreenPower products, investments in coal seam gas, and whether they are committed to not buying electricity generated by burning native forest timber.
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