Why I love the Arctic: 8 incredible photos of the Arctic

After spending two months in a Russian prison for taking part in a peaceful protest drawing attention to the dangers of oil drilling in the Arctic – it’s no wonder that the Arctic has a special place in my heart. But before I went to prison, or even the Arctic, I felt the Arctic was a magical place worth saving. Here are a few of my favourite photos of the Arctic.

If you also love the Arctic please leave a comment telling me why you think the Arctic is worth saving.

Take action now to Save the Arctic

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It’s one of the last untouched places left on this earth

Ice Floe in the Arctic

Arctic Sunrise moored to Ice Floe

It’s home to animals found nowhere else on this earth – and the polar bear is the largest land predator on earth (and perhaps the fluffiest).

Polar Bear on Sea Ice Floe

Arctic Fox in AlaskaSnow Owl Schneeeule

The whales look like they should belong in a children’s fairy tale book – did you know the narwhals tusk is actually a tooth?

Pod of Narwhals in Greenland

It boasts the world’s most spectacular natural light show – the Aurora Borealis.

Northern LightsNordlichter

First Nation communities have lived in the Arctic for over 1000 years.

Inuit with dog sleigh Inuit im Hundeschlitten

And perhaps the most important point…

What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic – Arctic ice moderates global weather patterns and the melting sea ice accelerates climate change. A frozen Arctic makes our home, planet earth, a much safer place to live.


(C) – Kevin Gill

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Take action now to Save the Arctic

Why do you love the Arctic? Let us know below!

  • Roland

    I don’t agree with what they did.

  • Madeleine Innocent

    Because Nature is special to me as well as every species – it is our life support system.

  • Cath Keese

    There are so few pristine places left in the world, the Arctic being one of them. We rejoice that you are free and that the ship has been released. Without people like you all the world would be a sadder place. Thank you!

  • Julie

    Thanks for this inspiring post. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through…

    Is there a way to share your post on facebook? I only see the button to share the comments. Kind regards

  • Lidija Malkic

    I love Arctic for all the reasons above and also, the Arctic is part of our mother Planet Earth, The Arctic is a part of Earth’s body. Every part of one body is equally important for the body to function correctly?

    It is not as if we have somewhere else to move from this Planet, hello????????

  • Jasmyn

    The Arctic is a part of why life on earth exists/survives. It HAS to be special to everyone. So glad that all 29 of you brave souls are safely home 🙂

  • Jeanne

    The Artic is worth fighting for as is the whole Earth…I’m tired of large Companies simply raping forests, farmers properties, our shoreline….for what? The almighty dollar and keeping the shareholders happy at whatever cost….the Artic is pristine and precious …hands off….

  • Soph

    Because your cause is the pledge of everyone on this planet. Thank you for your courage and determination, we need you…

  • Pam DiLorenzo

    Because the Arctic is the one of the nicest rooms in my home, Earth. Thanks for what you have done.

  • Michael Doherty

    There is no Planet B.

    • Jason Stewart

      Yes. This, too, is the sense I have. It is no longer about the Russians. Or about us. The awareness we are working for is that we are all together in this little boat of ours and it is sinking.

  • Betty

    Save the planet for our children

  • Cath Jack

    I love the Arctic because it is the last frontier, it is home to species needing protection, it is earth’s temperature thermostat and it inspires beauty in others- you went to prison for this cause, there is nothing more beautiful than that. People Power saving instead of destroying, there’s a sight to see. Good luck Alex and thank you.

  • Liz

    The Arctic signifies for all of us a pristine, healthy wilderness, a place where we humans can learn what it is to be part of the web of nature, to see the wonder and the mystery of nature. We need it more than anything I can think of. It signifies hope, and magic. It is desperately important to keep it pristine. Thank you so much for what you have done.

  • john whyte

    You faced the wrath of the russians, and survived, and now your beloved Arctic Sunrise is back with you. I understand completely why you would shed tears of joy. 30 fearless bold souls, fighting the nauseous greed of multi-nationals, ready to destroy one of the very last most precious areas on the planet. ALL the shareholders of Shell deserve to be subjected to two months in a stinking rotten jailin Russia, only to be released when their consciences return. I salute your courage! THANK YOU.

    • Toni

      You’ve said what I wanted to say so much better than I could! Excellent comment. You should consider being a writer!

      • Wanasai

        I agree – john whyte, you said it so well <3

        • MizzyH

          My sentiments exactly and put in a way I never could. I salute the bravery and resistance of all the Greenpeace activists. Without you, the world would be a sorrier place. I just wish I had the health and strength at 70 to do more than campaign online, but it’s better than nothing.

    • Jan Ploeg

      I totally and full-heartedly agree with your very well put comment, John Whyte and I’d like to chip in my own sentiments of gratitude for the perseverance and courage beyond the call of beauty of the Arctic 30 too!

  • Colin Jones

    The Arctic is vital to so many life forms and its health is of paramount importance and not to be exploited for short, or any term, gain.

  • Ian Abrahams

    Great courage you and the others showed, as others have likewise commented. I think the significance is not seeing the bigger picture of the interconnectedness of nature from different parts of the globe. The Amazon is as significant as the Arctic, and it seems the politics at hand has not seen how to balance the value of these pristine places, with the bumbling direction of how humanity has organised its living standards.

  • Chris

    Simply, to me, she represents hope. For ecology, for humanity,

  • Susanne Bennemann

    Was wären wir ohne die Arktis? Wir haben schon so viel zerstört und spüren längst die Auswirkungen. Auch hier in Deutschland nehmen Unwetter zu, Städte werden überschwemmt. Doch geht es uns noch gut, anscheinend zu gut, denn ein Umdenken findet nicht oder nur begrenzt statt. Ich bewundere alle Aktiven für ihren Einsatz und das Engergement und bedanke mich ganz herzlich!


    Alex and the other 29 Hero’s that you are, I thank you for your email of thanks and I know it wasn’t personal but I felt as I was reading the lines that it was. I am so sorry that you all had to spend time out of your precious lives at the hands of these humans that think that anything is to be used and abused for the sake of money or power, they make me feel nothing but shame, as I am a human too and it just sickens me that these people, companies, countries can’t see what is not to be touched. Is it so hard for them? it should be a crime, it is after all Environmental Terrorism.
    I love the Artic or any land areas that are not inhabited by humans, for goodness sake leave it to the other forms of life that we share the world with, it’s not ours to do what we want to do with it. Keep up the good work to all those that have a sense of respect of the world and nurture what needs to be looked after.

  • Michael Vanderosen

    The Artic is one of Earth’s last pristine Wildernesses and as such it is imperative that it be kept safe from all exploitation of whatever sort… if the Artic’s natural state, resources and beauty are violated there is little hope for the future of humanity…

  • Eva

    The article is one of the few mysteriously inaccessible places we have. We need the sense of wonder it inspires.

    • Eva

      Arctic! Curse my phone ‘s tiny keyboard & autocorrect.

  • Ben Robinson

    Arctic, our hemisphere’s best air conditioner. Warm just enough to keep the elk and reindeer heading away, those Mosquitos in tow to feed the birds and not us.

  • Carlos Alberto Prego Janes

    save the only and wonderful Artic

  • Vivian

    If we lose the Arctic and its animals the next victims will be us humans. We all need to realize that there are no second chances to save our planet.

  • Medyhne Lebachen

    The Arctic represents that still, pure, silent, inner place in our souls where we connect with our own essence and what is truly valuable … all earthly places correspond energetically to our human forms in ways we cannot yet fathom…namaste Everyone

  • Carole

    The Arctic to me signifies the Last Frontier, we have messed up so much of this World in our life time let’s protect this last special place.
    I applaud you for standing true to your cause and I’m pleased you have been released and still feel the passion to continue your great work. Thank You

  • Sílvia Chaves

    The Arctic must be absolutely untouched in order to keep the special fragile ecosystems in equilibrium. Thank you for all your hope and fight!

  • M. Mueller

    I am so proud to be a part of an organisation that is passionate enough to do what you have done. To me the arctic is the one of the last places in the world that has retained its naturally beauty and sense of sublime, and its wonders are there only to be admired; not destroyed. It is truly a wonderland that needs our protection.

  • Sophie Catris

    I love the Arctic simply because it’s beautiful. And beautiful places should be preserved and cherished.

  • Christine Martin

    L’Arctique n’est pas précieux pour moi. L’Arctique est précieux pour la Terre mère et son équilibre. Tous les êtres vivants doivent respecter l’endroit où ils subsistent!
    The Arctic is not precious for me. The Arctic is precious for the mother earth!

  • Rosemary Meads

    Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time in Iceland, whilst its not quite the Arctic, I saw first hand what global warming is doing to Polar Bears, as the ice sheets break up, bears are stranded at sea on small floating segments of ice, if they make it to Iceland, they arrive hungry and angry and are then shot !
    This is my only first hand experience with an impact we humans are having on Arctic inhabitants – but its inspired me to actively care for both the Arctic and the Antarctic wildneress : they are our last frontiers WE MUST STAND TOGETHER AND FIGHT CAPITALISIM, GREED AND THE NEVER ENDING HUMAN HUNGER TO CONSUME AT ALL COSTS – you are a brave woman Alex – I salute you
    and my 11 year old son who loves Lego : has banned it from his life and is taking up a petition at his school to send to Lego, to ask them to stop financing Artic drilling –
    Each of us can do small things and from little things, big things grow !

  • jen

    Dear Alex and our wonderful Greenpeace team,thank you for your passion and inner strength. I would love to see the human race step off the earth for one day and watch her from above and see how beautiful she is. I’m sure she would breathe a huge sigh of relief. When we stepped back on, we did so very lightly and changed our ways.The Arctic is an untouched paradise where there is such harmony and magnificence.We must not touch her. I will be thinking of you all wherever you go ready to support the cause. Keep smiling. There are many of us with you all the way.

  • Ana Maria

    It is important to save every inch of this magnificent world we live in. We must save the arctic for everything it stands and it’s wilderness, life forms. The whole world is out if control it is run purely by greed. God help us all what species enslaves it’s own kind. Keep up the enormous task ahead and may God be with you all.

  • Nolan

    One of the things I’ve learned over the last 60 decades is that nothing is more powerful than a moral force. Thirty brave people had that force in Russia. Your courage inspires me to learn more about your work and why I should support it. As a magazine editor, I can do my part in raising the public’s consciousness about environmental issues. I share your vision.

  • Mari Mennel-Bell

    There are so few pristine places left in the world, the Arctic being one of them. We rejoice that you are free and that the ship has been released. Thank you for all you do to protect our fragile planet!!

  • Elizabeth Stancliffe

    For many reasons, but primarily, at this point, because the ecological stability of the Arctic is so important to us all.

  • Richard

    Thank you Alex. You make me feel all of my years and pray you have as many or more. Without the Arctic (and the Antarctic) humans would (will???) find living on our fragile planet, a task rather than a life.

  • Jon Pedersen

    Save the World – One pristine part of it is the Arctic, once damaged it will NEVER be the same!!! People Power! Down with the big corporations who have not worked out that renewables are THE Future (It’s a KODAK Moment)!!! $$$ is not everything! I respect and honour the Arctic 30, thank you for your sacrifice!

  • José Pinto

    Because the Arctic is the hope of the Blue Planet for our children and grandchildren…

  • Angela H

    We need to remember that this planet is our home and something precious we are ‘borrowing’ – it is not something that can be broken and replaced. If we’re ‘top of the food chain’ (personally I would like to challenge people that say that to swim in shark infested waters to put that theory to the test 🙂 and responsible for making decisions that affect the planet, let’s act responsibly and safeguard it for future generations and all the other living beings that live on it.

  • Ann

    Hello Alex
    When the protest placards were handed out – you were “my” Arctic30 person. I took you home and put you out the front of my house, along with another sign explaining the issue.
    Your photo crinkled in the sun until every last protestor was released. Hundreds walking past must have seen it.
    So this cause quite literally had a “face”.
    My heartfelt best wishes to you and all the other activists – you must have been through Hell.
    Regards, Ann

  • Thomaz Aquino Alves Fonseca

    woohoo !!! i’m very happy with this notice that the Arctic Sunrise is free for navigate again and as you said, Alex “is with It that makes it possible for us to campaign in the icy seas and expose environmental crimes in the Arctic.” or other icy seas on earth … Now, why the Arctic is important for me? Because it is magical sanctuary, very important for many lives that depends on its existence, for world and for all us too. 🙂

  • michelle

    As a passionate amateur wildlife photographer, the arctic is my favourite place. It is humbling and truley brings the beauty and plight of our planet into focus. Every climate change denier should be sent there to see polar bears hot, exhausted and desperate, waiting up to a month longer for the sea ice to form so they can hunt seals.

  • krystal

    It’s one of the few wild places left, a land of snow, ice, and magnificence and its health is a huge factor in the life of our world.

  • Robert

    I love the Arctic because there is only one!

  • Keith

    First of all, there’s no single place in this world that deserves pollution or exploitation.

  • Sheridan

    The uniqueness of the Arctic deserves to be protected.

  • Joan Burton-Jones

    I have spent time there – and there’s nowhere like it. We need to protect this fragile environment as so much else depends on it’s survival. We stand by and watch it’s demise at the peril of future generations of our own species. Enlightened self-interest if nothing else (and there should be more than that) should ensure we support those who protect it.

  • Sherone

    The Artic and The Antartic need to remain protected to help to protect the global climate. We are losing so much ice each year, it is very worrying! We need to protect the homes of beautiful creatures such as the Polar Bear and the many penguins that live in the Antartic. Thank you for your praiseworthy actions. Congratulations:)

  • Craigie D

    It is a place that only wildlife inhabit, it is pure, it is clean, and it should stay that way. The beauty that most of us get to see only thru pictures, should stay that way. I dont want to look at the North or South poles in 10 yrs time to see oil rigs everywhere. That will make the poles black from oil spills, polluted with rubbish by people not disposing of their waste properly, the wildlife will suffer just like they do now on inhabited lands, Both poles, need to be a sanctuary, a place that no man can ever build oil rigs or other polluting environment disaster making building. Look but dont touch comes to mind…

  • Leeman

    Without the Arctic protected, we also become vulnerable

  • Craigie D

    P.s It is great news to hear the Arctic 30 is out of jail, and the ship is on its way home. That should never have happened to begin with. But, it is still great to hear that you are all ok and safe. 🙂

  • Terry Ware

    The Arctic is a very big important part of our home as is the rest of this beautiful planet it all needs protecting and it’s people like you Greenpeace we have to thank for the fantastic work you do in reducing the cruelty and destruction of our invironment mainly caused through unsimplethetic morons and greed. Thank you.

  • Bulson

    Because this is a part of us.

  • Rebecca Fowler

    Such a wonderful pristine place,so important to the survival of the whole world! The incredible wildlife that survive in this wonderful area,found no where else. It is our humane duty to protect this amazing area of our world.My huge thanks to the people of Greenpeace that stand up for the rest of the world.

  • Bundy B

    Thanks Rassia

  • Charley

    The Arctic is so stunning. Breathtaking views. We know what happens in the arctic affects the rest of the world. Thats pretty powerful. Thankyou for doing all you do!

  • Jack

    The Arctic (and the Antarctic) are the ends of the Earth. Long protected by the cold and weather, now companies like Shell have the ability to destroy the fragile ecosystems. Everywhere they go they pollute and destroy our of greed. If we allow them to do this we don’t deserve to survive.

  • Dame-Carol Richmond

    This is our Planet ,the only one we have! The work you do is beyond priceless! I have 2 beautiful daughters ,would like to think there will be something left for future generations

  • Billy of Noosa

    its a place where Human should leave for the Meek ! it should be their Refuge their sanctuary of purity !!

  • thejungle137

    So beautiful and unspoiled. So few people 🙂

  • Gillian Devine

    The Arctic must be protected and kept untouched – there is no other place in the world !!!

  • R-L

    The Arctic is a part of the whole – the universe – that needs to be preserved and cherished, just as all the other parts do…

  • Vic

    Mankind does not have the right to destroy this beautiful planet in the name of Economic progress. If we continue to change the environment that has nutured and nourished us I fear for the quality of life future generations will have to lead. We are only custodians not owners of this precious earth.

  • Kim moser

    Thank you so much for fighting for the Arctic at the frontline. You fight for all of us back home. You also put yourself at risk for our future. It is so important to save the arctic not just because of its beauty but because it represents the balance of our world. Without it the rest of the world simply won’t survive.

  • Alex 2

    The Arctic represents a last ditch stand against
    the rape of our beautiful world. As oil becomes scarce the pressures to pillage
    increase our only hope is that Science/Technology and Governments can come up
    with alternatives to fuel our insatiable desire for cheap fuel. Where have all
    the wise men gone?

  • R.F

    The artic is special because it is part of this earth, our home. It deserves to be safe from greedy and harmful hands. It’s a delicate ecosystem that supports endagered wildlife. There’s no where like it in the universe. So many of us can see the big picture and of how important and sacred the artic and other habitats are. I am always hopeful that there will be more of us that protect the artic and the world.

  • Eve

    Thank you for your drive to protect one of the world’s most precious environments. It’s crazy that your journey to the Arctic turned out to be such a perilous journey when it should seem obvious to humanity that maintaining a healthy planet is vital. The “dig and destroy” mentality is sheer lunacy, so all honour to the Greenpeace team. Your joy is my joy!

  • Nik

    Like you say Alex the Arctic is a precious Eco system that needs protecting for our children and the earths survival. We need to collectively believe in preserving what we have left an not destroyed. Life is beautiful – humans, animals, landscapes. I worry for our environments future, however you guys give me hope and faith that together we can make the change for the better. We thank you and your courage a efforts! Xx thank you Nik

  • Suzanne Daly

    As the sentient beings on this planet I think we have a moral resonsibility to protect the wonderfull biodiversity of the planet espescially the few pristine wilderness areas left

  • Rebecca

    I think it is such a shame that greedy countries and corporations are fighting over who has the rights to the natural resources held within this unique and wondrous place. I am so saddened by the total exploitation that surrounds me. Everyday there is a new story about another area being threatened, Leard Forest, The Great Barrier Reef, The Arctic… When will all the madness stop? I am greatful to all the passionate crusaders who put themselves in the line of fire for the greatest cause on earth, the Earth itself. I will happily support you all the way, in whatever way I can.

  • Joanna

    Thank you for putting yourselves at the leading edge of courage, acting for love of our precious planet. Much love, always.

  • Clea Eykelkamp

    It is important to keep some areas of the planet relatively free of human intervention.

  • Polly Parkin

    The Earth needs as many pristine locations as possible. Rain forests, tundra, wilderness, arctic and antarctic—all must be protected along with the precious and fast dwindling wildlife. Future generations (if they survive) will not give thanks for our complacency.

  • Shirley Lewis

    a wondrous place and we cannot live without it

  • Patsie

    Thank you for this beautiful article and photos Alex. Well done for your hard work at the front line for many of us who aren’t able to be there in person. Its so precious because nature isn’t just a part of us, we are nature. And such beauty and all lifeforms deserves to be preserved.

  • Lynne Strachan

    All the comments below seem to sum up very nicely why we need people like you and organisations like Greenpeace. All any of us who really care can do is to support you and others like you to keep up the fight against these greedy corporations so we have something to leave behind to generations to come.

  • Nico SV

    Dear Alex:
    I’m thankful for receiving this email of yours and happy that you are alright and that the Arctic Sunrise is free to sail. Greenpeace ships also mean Hope and Love for me, feelings that arise whenever I see them in a photograph or mentioned. I share many of the same reasons why Greenpeace protects the Arctic. For me it should also be a protected area, a place where Mankind shows its respect and love for nature by leaving it be, enjoying it, as one of many places that should not even be thought of for destructive means (hopefully all places should be like that). The Arctic and Antartactica, the North and South poles for me are like Earth’s polarity extremes, like the two ends of a battery by which life on all the planet flourishes. It should remain untouched by exploiters. Greenpeace’s protection and fight for its safety is representative of a whole new age for the world if victory is obtained, which it surely must be obtained. Hopefully soon will be the day when the Earth is cared for by Humanity, protected and enjoyed. With that surely we will also find ourselves in a new world and a new age for all on Earth. May God bless Greenpeace, their mission and their people. May you fulfill the victory defending this wonderful beauty of a planet that we call Home.

  • Diane

    Dear Alex. Congratulations and thank you for all that you and your Greenpeace friends are prepared to do.
    Regarding the Arctic (and the Antarctic for that matter), I have lived in Canada and now Australia. From either location I could visit these two fragile places on this Earth. However, my visit would just be another imposition on the fragility of these ecosystems, so I don’t go. My experiences of these extraordinary places can only be via documentaries……. And how fantastic and representative these are!! I did live in Northern Canada and do understand The Silence of the North – there is nothing like ! All of you are amazing for your dedication to protecting our Planet.

  • Em

    The Arctic is the earth’s lifeblood. All the oceans are.. Polluting the earths life source, and making irreparable damage will ultimately lead to all of our demise. I do not understand how corporations can value money over their childrens future ability to be able to enjoy the miraculous world we have been blessed with. We have heaven here on earth already, and it’s time for people to wake up and realise that. How can money be more important than life itself? Together, the enlightened ones, can make a difference… And thank you for fighting this fight. Your plight brings me tears of joy too. You are not alone.

  • Gill Hills – New Zealand

    The Arctic is the home of so much wildlife that could so easily become extinct if we don’t do something. It is an untouched place of beauty and should remain this way. Thanx so much for all the hard work you all do in a bid to save it:>)

  • Hilary

    It was the last wilderness where humans had not interfered. Thank you so much for what you do in raising the conscience of the world.

  • Carolyn Bruce

    Yes, the Arctic is important, and so is every country on the planet! I’d like to know why Greenpeace doesn’t fight for what is the #1 cause of climate change … that being ANIMAL AGRICULTURE!

  • Amber

    Thank God for you Reading about your incarceration in a Russian Prison was
    Breath-stunting I’m in awe of your dedication passion & humility
    My millions of bouncing buoyant Thank you’s don’t even express how much your amazing work means to me us humanity Polar bears beautiful Article Foxes
    Wer’e with you in spirit always
    The ARTIC is a truly magical world It’s not made up or an illusion it’s real

  • Marquise de Nonce

    Looking northward for me, as a Canadian, is to look toward the calm expanses that end in tundra, ice, snow, and the hiss of wind, with the creaking and grinding of ice by the sea. In my mind’s eye these open spaces are where the balance of natural cycles can play out through wildlife and intense seasonal cycles, where survival and beauty and fast death all clash then subside. It is shrieking fiercess; it is also peace. The sound of the wind speeding across the desert snowfields, and the song of the northern lights are vast and private, movements in the deep symphony of being alone while also being one with the earth and sky. There are no institutionalized cancer wards, no poisoned rivers, no wind-whipped trash, no dragged-out toxic or artificial constructs… only the rhythms of a kind of rational planetary sanity that’s kept pristine because of the prohibiting cold. These images and sounds sustain me, to know that this richness and healthiness is always there, protected by a frontier fence of snow, above the tree line. There is a purity beyond that blessed barrier. This is why I love the Arctic.

    • Peter Meisel

      Because that’s what live is all about

  • rohan

    Scarcity resulting from anthropogenic destruction is everywhere and the Arctic needs to be preserved as one of the few significant remaining minimal-scarcity environments. It is also of vital importance through its interconnections with global weather and oceanic flow patterns. Alex, thank you so much for the sacrifice you any your colleagues have made to help preserve such an important ecosystem.

  • taylormadeinOZ

    We only have one!

  • Ala

    Because humanity is out of control with their lower nature… and the creator’s natural world remains pure and pristine. The more people like yourself speak with emotion, the more people like me FEEL the need to help. Emotion delivers the feeling to think differently. Emotion touches us all. This planet needs people, normal people, to blog, get on social media and speak their emotion about an out-of-control dynamic: humans exploiting pristine wilderness for short term gain. It’s NOT logical. At all. It’s criminal.

  • Mani

    Thank you Alex and your 29 colleagues, I’m so grateful for all Greenpeace does on behalf of our beautiful planet. Why is the Arctic important? How can it not be, what happens anywhere in the world affects the planet as a whole.

  • Peigi

    The wonder of the Arctic is that it makes us humans aware of our proper place in the scheme of things. It is vast, awe-inspiring, incredibly beautiful . . . and not to be belittled or taken for granted! It is so much greater than we are, and so little understood – and we fail to realise that at our peril.

  • Gillian from Qld

    So many places have been spoilt, the Arctic is one place we can save. Thank you so much for giving so much of your life & time to doing what so many of us cannot do.

  • barbs

    This is one of the world’s last (largely) unspoiled regions. It is home to unique wildlife and marine creatures. It seems quite fragile so I think we should leave it be for coming generations, who may have criteria for caring other than money.

  • Zoe

    Without your amazing courage and devotion we would have more destruction of this pristine and magical place. Thank you kindly for everything you have done so far. Also thank you in the name of all those beautiful and unique creatures out there for keeping their home as healthy and safe as possible. You have my love and support all the way!

  • gopal krishnan

    This is fantastic news! I salute everyone of you for having endured this painful passage of time. You all have been so brave and so selfless in this effort to preserve our earth for our children’s children’s children!!!

  • Rose

    Thankyou for your courage and dedication!
    There is only one Arctic and we either have it or we watch it being decimated.
    If it goes , life as we know it goes too !

  • KerryJs

    Because it is one half of the ends of the earth, if we stuff it up here, with what we’re already doing in the middle, we have literally stuffed it up all the way to the ends of the earth.

  • Robyn Sanguinetti

    There is nothing in the world like the Artic, nature excelled once again, for man to exploit this beautiful wilderness would be to destroy another truly natural beauty. The effect on wildlife and who knows the extent of damage oil exploration would do, can only be unimaginable. Haven’t we already learned how destructive oil exploration can be??? and to start in the Artic where any oil leak of any sort would be catastrophic and just put another nail in the world’s coffin. Please don’t let this happen.

  • Colleen Grigg

    I despair at humanity’s future. I can only hope and pray that before its too late, we stop destroying the planet. We won’t get a second chance once it’s gone. Keep up the wonderful work you all do.

  • Camilla Rønn

    The Artic has a beautiful unik animal diversity and they can only survive in the beautiful Artic nature. A nature wich are extremely sensitive with any human disturbans. The Artic is also a part of a huge ecosystem that affectts us all negativly if it melts down or the animals are ni more.

  • megan

    So beautiful, so precious, so fragile…
    Thanks for all that you do for so many…big love!!

  • Cindy Moynan

    If we lose the fight for the Artic, we will pay dearly. To lose the polar bear, who is already facing problems, and all the other wonderous animals would surely be our undoing

  • Zola de Firmian

    She spent 2 months in Russian prison, peaceful protests’ repercussions
    for the place she loves. Tears of joy, upon release, today. Why, she
    asks… do I love the arctic? Because the throbbing celestial blue of a
    glacier melted my heart. Because glaciers are an ancient piece of the
    fiber of my heart- home- core. Because I love the polar bears, and have
    deepest desire that they live on, for future generations to love. You?

  • ChrisHooper

    does destruction and GREED know no bounds – can we not totally spoil our own habitat – nor the habitat of unique animals – can we step back and SAY ‘NO THIS IS GOING WAY TOO FAR – LETS FIND ALTERNATIVES – AND THEY ARE AVAILABLE – AS HUMAN BEINGS WE HAVE AN INTELLECT – LETS USE IT AND STOP THE VIOLATION OF THE ARCTIC——-PLEASE

  • Mandy

    Greedy companies have already desecrated so much of nature we can’t stop fighting no matter where they want to be destructive. The Arctic is a unique part of the diverse ecology of our earth that supports human life, we should be the caretakers of such magnificence.

  • Disco Mama

    When you take a sandwich to work or school, will it stay warmer with a block of frozen water? We need the arctic to stay cool.
    Great email btw

    <3 Disco mama, -tackling climate change by disturbing coal mines with drasticly enjoyable dance moves.

  • tye block

    I was lucky enough to visit the ship several years ago. I was working with Greenpeace-Miami on the global warming/offshore drilling campaign. All of the environment deserves our love and respect. It is a precious gift their we are lucky to be able to be a part of.The destruction of the beautiful pristine arctic needs to stop. I am so happy you all are safe and the ship is on her way back to fight for the environment. Take care.

  • claire

    It’s a landmark of the perfectly balanced atmospheric conditions that allowed carbon-based life forms like ourselves to emerge and thrive healthily and easily. We need to do everything we can to preserve it and save the ecological systems that depend on it. -Claire, 16

  • Cate Hahn

    Congratulations Alex. The Arctic is a pristine wilderness that must be preserved at all costs. What sort of species would knowingly violate or destroy this amazing habitat and it’s wildlife. Homo Sapiens of course!!!! Shame Shame Shame.

  • Anna Saxon

    Hi Alex,

    I truly love the Arctic having been up there several times – including going to Greenland – it is the most wonderous and special area, and I fear for it.

    But with people such as yourself, willing to risk everything to save this magnificent place, and with your hope for a better world environment gives us all hope too!

    Thank you and the others, for your dedication.

  • Catherine

    Dear Alex The Arctic is important to me for all the reasons you have stated. If support of others gave you hope in prison and if knowledge of the media lead you to conclude there was only so long the Russians would hold out; still it took tremendous courage and personal sacrifice. Thank you for the encouragement you give the world in every arena… to make energetic progress towards the good.

  • Rudra Chattopadhyay

    The silence in the arctic is almost heavenly and it can be felt in the expressions of the animals there like the whales and polar bears. It is that place which is still unadulterated by human beings and still has the purity that God had initially blessed us with.

  • Cheryl Durham

    Thank you – you risk all by being at the front line – we appreciate all you do to save our beautiful Artic and all the wildlife that deserve to live peacefully and naturally in their pristine habitat – Again THANK YOU

  • Widgeony

    I’ve never been there but it comes across as perhaps the world’s last true wilderness. It’s pristine un-touched beauty is precious along with the life it supports. We need to protect this.

  • Judy Rees

    The thought of this pristine wilderness being compromised by greedy Governments and their toxic oil and gas mining companies, makes me feel violated. To think of such an important and once, untouchable, place being raped by heartless opportunists is too heartbreaking for words. Climate change is already affecting our Arctic and it’s unique wildlife, so let us save and protect what we can.

  • sian jones

    I have never thought about it until you asked but the Arctic is a pristine wilderness and should be left alone and not subjected to mankind’s intrusions.

  • Deborah Davey

    Firstly thanks so much Alex for your passion and for all that you have done and are doing – you truly are a hero. I love the Arctic because it is such a beautiful and unique part of the world that God created. I believe God’s tears are shed as He sees us slowly destroy what we are meant to care for. I pray that each one of us will continue to do all that we can to prevent further destruction. I still have hope for creation. http://www.micahchallenge.org.au/hope-for-creation

  • MIles

    Because it is a place of pristine whiteness where the hunter and the hunted are caught in an eternal rhythm of polar extremes… all played out under a sky of undulating coloured silk sometimes obscured by raging blizzards – thanks for sticking up for it! You guys are my heroes!

  • Stephen Flint

    It good to know that others are fighting the good fight for all mankind. BRAVO

  • Mary Garbett

    The arctic is many things to me. It’s one of the last great wildernesses, it’s home to many fabulous, unique and precious species, it reminds us that for all our technological advancement Mother nature is still the real boss on earth. Man is destroying the arctic regions and we and all our fellow species will pay the price for our folly. We should leave the arctic pristine and fight to save it. At some point we’ll have to learn to really recycle all the materials we’ve wasted over the last century or more and obtain our energy in clean and renewable ways – why wait? Why not do it now? It’s time man grew up and took responsibility for his actions – keeping the arctic pristine could be our rite of passage towards responsible stewardship for this beautiful planet we call home.

  • Carol Hill

    We owe it to ourselves and future generations Not to destroy that which is God given , earthly and Beautiful. To destroy the Arctic is just another sign that there is no humanity in those seeking to prosper from earths’ riches. Thank you, to you and your team for your brave fight and beliefs undertaken on behalf of those who Do Care….you are all a Blessing x

  • Ezza

    Thank you, for being the strong people that you are and doing what you do. The Artic is important to me because the entire world is important to me. The wonders of nature never cease to amaze me. I love sharing this with my daughter and it is people like you 30, that are doing the good work to ensure that she will be able to enjoy nature and share it with her own daughter or son one day. You’re winning, so congratulations and keep up the extraordinary work you do. I will be here to support you with my voice and my purse when I can. xo

  • Maniak

    Arctic is one of the last sanctuaries Mother’s Earth, we must protect this land before we will live in pool of waste.

  • carole cornock

    I thank you and all the other crew for their courage doing what you have been doing in the name of LOVE and
    because of that have been subjected to inhumane treatment at the hands of those that don’t care and have no understanding of what love is? I for one stand for love and non violent protests but at times that gets taken out of our hands! As long as we stand together and say no more we will survive and so will our planet! Let your tears roll…. salvation is really closer than we think.

  • JanetMPatterson

    “Why I love the Arctic”, a response: Because in 7th grade I did a report on the climate, and learned that the Equatorial Rain Forests are the atmosphere’s humidifier, pumping in heat, moisture, and oxygen, and removing carbon dioxide, and the Arctic and Antarctic are the dehumidifiers, removing moisture and cooling the atmosphere so that it can drop ovoer the planet and into the rain forests again to be washed and flushed and spun around over and over. I’ve always loved that image, the huge vortexes circulating and recirculating the air we breathe.

  • Dolores Devlin

    Glad you are now safe and free. Thank you for sharing photos and facts.

    shared your link on Facebook.

  • Mollie Tucker

    I remain hopeful in the light of the release of Arctic Sunrise that People Power will bring sanity to a fragile Earth, under constant pressure from the rapacious demands of companies such as Shell! Greenpeace representatives on the high seas are the most courageous of souls and risk their lives and freedom on behalf of all the rest of us. I cannot thank you enough.

  • Lois79

    It is a unique and beautiful ecosystem, one of the last wild frontiers. Future generations have a right to experience its natural beauty without it being mutilated for profit and greed.

  • Sven

    its one of the last resorts on earth

  • NettieK

    It is one of the most beautiful of Gods gifts left to the inhabitants of this abused planet. When it is gone, like so many other of His gifts, it will be gone forever. That cannot be allowed to happen.

  • Amanda Vlandis

    I have no words to explain the awe I feel for the arctic as an environment and ecosystem. I would like to thank you so much for all the hard work you and your colleagues put in to helping save our planet from much of humankind. I will support Greenpeace as fully as I am able wherever I can.

  • Christine

    Arctic and Antarctic are vital for maintaining the climate of the Earth.
    They are the last sanctuaries for hundreds of species. So many species
    have already disappeared from the hand of man. It is our duty to protect
    our planet, our home …

  • Jan Barrand

    Peaceful.. pristine … perfect … once upon a time, just like Antarctica.
    People all around the world must continue to speak in one voice, to protect the most fragile outposts from collapsing and disappearing.
    I thank you Greenpeace, for acting on my behalf to protect the Arctic … and thereby preserving the intricate web of life which is so dependent on this their home.

  • marscaro

    The human footprint has left few pristine regions intact. Seismic testing, drilling, increased traffic and the risk of spillage pose a serious threat to the delicate Arctic ecosystem. For the health of our planet and the creatures that inhabit her, the time has come to call an urgent halt to the violation and exploitation of the world’s last remaining pristine areas. Thank you for your courage and determination!

  • Morning Chorus

    While the Arctic Sunrise was being built I donated £100 towards her construction and £100 towards turning 45% of the oceans into a marine life sanctuary (wished it could have been 100%).Along with regular monthly donations I made another lump sum donation of £300 in 2012, and contributed a further £100 to helping the “Arctic 30” return home for Christmas last year.I don’t want to seem like a materialist but helping Greenpeace and other environmental and nature protection organisations makes my otherwise arduous life livable and the work I do easier.Greenpeace gives me the hope and strength to carry on.

    • Rebecca

      Here Here Morning Chorus… While we may not all be able to fight on the font lines of this worthy battle to save our precious earth, we do what we can to support those who do 🙂

  • laramel

    I’m happy for & with you. The Arctic is special for every reason shown in the spectacular photos above

  • ????? ?????????

    My congratulations to Arctic Sunrise team!!! you guys ROCK!!! Keep it up!! And we will always support you in any possible ways for us!!

  • Sam

    I don’t like the cold so would not want to go to the arctic, however drilling for oil in that remote environment is not an option and I am really glad that these Russian bastards finally released you and your ship! I thank you for your persistence and courage as well as putting your lives on the line to protect what pristine environments are left on this planet from the vultures that only want to rape for profit.

  • Gerrie

    The Artic Sunrise is
    THE! Earthship of Hope!
    THE! Earthship of the Future!
    Her name and crew have become symbols for both!
    Thank you all so much!

  • natalie

    The Polar Ice Caps have significant impact on the Earth’s environment. If these are destroyed, the consequences will be extremely detrimental to every living thing on this Planet.

  • Michael

    The Earth As we Know it ,is an Extremely Fragile Home. The Planet we call Home has been becoming as it is of its own accord. We are of this Planet .Humans Trees Clays All Animals are Related to Us and Us to Them.We Should Be So Grateful that this Amazing World has been here for So Long.I would Like this Life Activity relationship to last Many More Centuries.Lets all Somehow Work Together for the Betterment of All Humankind For Our Whole Lives.Thanks for all your Efforts thus Far.

  • Sue Poriazis

    We really need to protect this very important bit of our planet from drilling. We are damaging our beautiful planet SO quickly, and all in the name of greed.

  • Margaret

    Its special to me cos its home to you. I could never be as brave as you and I respect you all.

  • Alan Williams

    Yesterday I was sent this link by a friend who is studying meteorology in university.
    It comes from a reputable climate scientist so should be taken seriously. I apologise for the expletive. It shows the perils globally of continuing to explore for fossil fuels so that more CO2 will enter the atmosphere

  • Nicole

    First of all i thank all the 30 people who are fighting to preserve the Arctic. The Arctic must stay the way it is because many creatures depend on it for their survival including men. Therefore we must keep fighting to save the Arctic

  • Jenna

    The Artic is one of the few places on earth that humans have not destroyed. It is a place where the air is fresh, the sea uncontaminated by pesticides and rubbish and the animals, both land and sea, live a life in peace. You have been through an amazing journey in order to fight for your beliefs. Congratulations on your release from prison and letting the world know what is occurring in a very special place.

  • maureen

    Because we’ve been there: we were supposed to go as far as the ice-pack but when we got there it wasn’t there!! But because it wasn’t there a very small flat island was exposed and it was covered with walruses and baby walruses playing. The most wonderful sight. But the reason the Arctic need protecting is far more serious and complicated and urgent
    than just being a nice place to see nature.

  • Graeme

    Both the Arctic and Antarctica, because they are so inhospitable for human habitation, stand in stark contrast to the mess accelerating on the other continents, despite the rhetoric. Their state, of equal importance, has to be an ever present reminder of the state we should always maintain where we live.

  • Meredith Luke

    Thanks Alex and the team. Your courage is inspiring. The Arctic, like other wilderness areas, is precious for what it is, and for what it represents.

  • Kat Hollomon

    You and the other 30 are an inspiration Alex, thanks for everything.

  • Leon Degney

    Why is the Artic important/?Quite simple really …becausewithout the Artic to regulate the Earth’s tempratures we are basically doomed.

  • anneke de vries

    Unique, crucial nature, should not be spoiled by greedy individuals. Nature belongs to all of us.

  • Vania Jorge

    The Artic is part of who we are, without it we simply dont survive it afects the weather condition and our ecossistem… Im glad that you no longer in chail. Im so proud and trilled to know that there´s brave people such as yourselfs helping all of us to have a better life. You should alwais get support. And im happy to be part of it. I thank you for Existing so beautifully 🙂

  • Sunnyboy

    Hello Alex and the Greenpeace team.

    Good on you for all you do for all of us!

    The Arctic (and Antarctica) are really important, not just to me, but to all the Earth’s inhabitants ‘cos they are remaining examples of wild-erness; what Nature might look like if human beings don’t stuff it up too much. They show us balance that Nature has. They show us sustainability, and they show just how environments can get along just fine without human intervention or exploitation.
    Worth preserving I say.

  • Isabel Vasconcelos Abreu

    Hi Alex, I’m happy to help Greenpeace in all your activities to save the world. The Arctic for me is a sacred place like all places on Earth, but mostly because is the home of some magestic wild animals and it has to be kept away from all exploitation sort. All together we’ll win this battle too! I will always be with you!

  • A State Park Neighbor

    I own property near s state park & realize every day how few places “untouched” are left. I hear & see the animals frequently. The Artic is one of these unruined places still.

  • Nowhere else have I felt such magic landscape, the white vastness, the prismatic tones of sunsets and sunrises or the dark skies turned into whirls of greens and reds. The amazing fauna and flora and their struggle to survive. This is priceless. It’s value is beyond any value of anyamount of oil or metal you can get from it’s soil.
    Thank you for being brave and help us pursue this dream of keeping the Artic as pristine as possible.

  • Lyn Shea

    The Arctic Warrior symbolizes sanity, humanity & fearlessness in an increasingly despairing world.

  • Josi

    There is no doubt that the Artic needs our help like so many other places on this beautiful planet. Only together in one huge voice can we make real movements towards a brighter future. The Artic is a unique and fragile environment which is magnificent and home to many special creatures it is vital we protect it. It is like many have stated the last frontier, and I cannot thank the Greenpeace team enough for their commitment and determination to an extremely important cause. Thank you all for the work you do it’s people like yourselves who keep hope for our plantet alive.

  • ianbodgerbrown

    If the Arctic, one of the last unpolluted areas in the world, itself becomes polluted, what chance for the rest of the World.

  • Robert

    The Arctic is the single most obvious evidence for global warming. The wildlife is found nowhere else.

  • vicki payne

    its the most magical unspoilt places in the world,it needs to be kept like that ,I admire all of you that risk your lives for this place,its definatly worth it,it deserves to be kept unspoilt and teaming with wildlife

  • Romana Kohlí?ková

    The Arctic is the whole of our planet is important. It is one of the last places without much human intervention, except Antarctica. Gaia does not deserve to destroy the entire planet. Thank you for your work! You are heroes!

  • odysseusfaithfuldog

    Because … Can’t copy/paste this view http://www.earthshots.org/2014/07/moon-bear-by-david-swindler/

  • Skeandhu1939

    The Final Frontier! We have to protect its fragile ecosystem, already under such devastating threat from global warming, & all the incredible wildlife that depend upon it for their survival. Thank God you are all safe, I have such respect for your bravery. We must win this battle, for all our sakes. The future of our Earth depends on how we protect it, right now.

  • LadyLetitia Kemister

    Each place on this earth is a song that sings on many levels.. sound, spirit, emotion.. each element is needed and interacts with the others from that place..each place that is intact sings with a beauty that each and every one of us need to be in tune with ourselves and this world.. it is only through experience of true wilderness that people can be at peace with themselves and the outcome of their actions.. wilderness is key to our survival.

  • tinaki99

    It’s nature, needs to be left alone.

  • Amber Nicholson

    I dream of seeing the Arctic one day. It looks surreal BECAUSE it is one of the last untouched places on Earth. It disgusts me to know the fuel bosses are moving in on the magical sanctuary! If we’re running out of fuel because we’re an over populated, over consuming race, then so be it!! And we find an alternative! They’re making great progresses with vegetable oil for running cars! EVERYONE needs to realise some places on Earth need to be left UNTOUCHED BY HUMANS! Or we will lose the battle!

  • Nicole Wallace

    In protecting the Artic we are in essence protecting ourselves as there is a direct link between its health and the health of our Earth. I believe if the shareholders of Shell were fully informed the majority would choose Artic health over larger dividends. It’s all up to those at the top.

  • Anne Roberts

    It is one of our most beautiful and important Eco systems of our world it has the most amazing creatures and if the horrific greedy corporations are allowed to trash it all the earth is in big danger

  • Kathy

    The arctic signifies a wilderness filled with hope that I have done the right thing bringing 2 children into such a messed up world. We must stand together to save our planet and all which dwells on it.

  • Lin

    Do humans not understand that our future existence depends on the good health of our only home, the Earth The arrogance and greed of ‘developers’ will see the end of all good things . I admire the commitment, bravery and foresight of the Greenpeace Warriors. Thankyou to you all.

  • Sylvia Kucera

    I love the Arctic because of her beauty. No men has touched her until now. Not only mankind needs untouched wilderness, also animals need it.

  • Lin

    Do humans not understand that this is our only home and we have to fight to protect it at all costs.

  • Ross Ellis

    Thank you Alex for your inspirational story and the action you took on our behalf. Those of us that care about the environment will always stand behind people like you. We are the only hope that the future has for an environment that would otherwise be very bleak if irresponsible greed and dam fool politicians were to dominate.

  • Sara Connor

    I consider the Arctic like a sanctuary, a place that no one should dare to touch .. I would do so that it was always considered a nature reserve to prevent any vessel to pass through it … for me is where it all begins and it all ends, the balance of our respect and our love … if you lose the Arctic, we lose all the love that unites us still to this beautiful planet …

  • lynn

    the natural world is sacred-without it we cannot survive.

  • Kristin Dawson

    The Arctic is a vital place for the positive functioning of the earths climate. It is a place we must listen to as it speaks to us of the earths health. It also has living animals that rely on us to protect their future existence. Congratulations and my greatest admiration for all GreenPeace activists

  • The Artic is needed for the survival and functioning of the planet, with all its animals and natural beauty. I bow gratefully to those who risk their lifes, and give their time & money to save it for all of us! Keep on fighting! The very best wishes & safe travels! You are GREAT!

    • Guest

      From October 2013 (avaaz.com):

  • Mariano

    Because the poles are the most wonderfull and full of life ecosystems of the earth, and I think that it’s far more important to preserve it, thant fill tanks woth oil.
    Unfortunatly, many people will last to much time to realise that.

  • Salome

    Hooray to the Arctic 30 and to Greenpeace. You are brave warriors standing up for real truth and justice. The Arctic is home to many animals who need their environment to survive and thrive. They, nor we, can do without an intact Arctic.

  • Roberto Gallegos

    The Arctic is one of the places on earth that isn’t over polluted by man, it has one of the biggest reservoirs of clean water on earth.

  • Catherine Greenall

    We should be protecting these pristine unpolluted wildernesses with their beautiful wildlife and untouched environment. It is important to continue to protest at any attempts to pollute the Arctic with oil drilling, or any other polluting human activities.

  • ian Wright

    Protecting the arctic is important to everybody whether they recognise it or not. Greenpeace is doing the planet a great favour by taking action and spreading the word about the need to save its environment for its indigenous peoples, its wildlife and its place in global climate climate change. It is crucial that we stop oil exploration and extraction, and industrial fishing there as the ice diminishes.

  • Dominique Odette Hazard

    You ask me why do I love the Artic? Because it’s essential for the planet earth, for its gravity, essential to living species all over the planet and to survive as a planet. A lot of human beings don’t know how important is the artic, how major for survival. If it desappeared, the whole planet desappears. Voilà pourquoi j’y tiens !! C’est évident. Merci à vous pour avoir combattu et il faut tenir bon car nous sommes peu nombreux parmi le reste de l’humanité à le protéger. Thank you for your peaceful fight to save the artic because we’re only a few to be aware of its importance to be and the rest of humankind who doesn’t fight is lucky we don’t use violence as some do destroy the artic with a cruel violence which isn’t decent for the planet earth and our survival.

  • Maureen

    Thank you, Alex and the 29 others who were jailed for being heroes. I love the Arctic for its resilience – the same resilience shown by Greenpeace activists. Let’s keep it going!

  • Dagen Julty

    As much as the Arctic is beautiful and untouched and deserves preserving, I am concerned for the entire planet. A polluted river or a radioactive zone is just as precious a location as the last remaining untouched areas. We need to embrace, preserve, honor and protect all of Mother Earth. Thank you for your all-important, essential work for our world!

  • Daniela M.

    I love our planet, I love the nature and every single creature living on this planet. Every place of the world is important, especially incontaminated ones, and need to be preserved

  • Mr Greer Hart, senior

    I am an old Glasgow geezer, and have long supported Greenpeace and other groups with courageous young women and men, who have fought to save the natural world and its life, and continue to do so. Very few governmental and religious groups have done anything for saving the environment, but Greenpeace has and in doing so, has become synonymous with saving the Arctic, an area of priceless species of marine life. You have given the less able a chance to support such conservation activities. Thanks

  • alex brown

    I cant say anything that hasn’t been said.But with all my heart I want this vast area of land to be left to its own devices-let nature dictate, not Shell or any other multi- national.

  • Michael Striemer

    as other special places on this Planet , Artic is a verry important one…for its hole history and unique nature…. we must respect our Earth body.

  • Jorge Santos

    The Artic is a very important place for me as it serve as a reminder that if this is taken cared of by you, me and us, there is hope for the future, the next generations and beyond. We have to take care what nature has for us. Its our only hope it is our obligation to take care of what has been given to us for the hope of humanity. This pristine area to should be taken cared of and not violated nor exploited.

  • Wendy Carr

    It is the last bastion …it symbolises our hope for humanity or the demise of humankind and our earth as we have known it.

  • Christine

    Thanks Alex – for all your brave efforts to save the planet! The Arctic as well as all the see on our earth is a living form in itself and needs to be treasured and taken care of instead of selfishly destroying it with unbalancing the water nature and its living forms within!

  • Jeanne

    I am in total admiration for what you did not only for the arctic, but also for other areas of the world which are being raped and ravaged for monetary gain with little thought for the consequences in time to come.

  • Kate

    It is mysterious because it has not been explored or mapped properly

  • Toni

    So glad you’re all safe now! Thank you for all your incredible bravery and amazing work. You’ve suffered more than enough. It breaks my heart that people have to fight governments to keep this planet safe. It’s all just so wrong. I cannot believe greed can ruin this planet, especially the Arctic in all its pristine beauty and beautiful and fragile ecosystem. There are so many psychopaths in this world who believe they have the right to pollute and ruin this world for money. They can’t take the money with them, and they don’t care what they leave behind. I thank you so much for your work. Please keep it up. And I really hope you never see the inside of a prison again. Let’s hope it’s the killing, polluting psychos that all end up in prison. I hope the laws about caring for this earth change soon.

  • Pam Sutherland

    We should take care of our planet,for the future of all who come after us. The Arctic inlays a vital role in the survival of humankind as well as the indigenous people and animals which live there!

  • Janet

    The Arctic is a wonderland, a magical place, and who knows what secrets lie hidden and preserved as ice fossils. By putting the Arctic at risk, we are messing with a fine balance that’s been perfected over millions of years, it’s a region that supports life of species that’s adapted to live there – species from whom we would need to learn if Earth enters a new ice age in the future.

    The silence and beauty of the Arctic is a lesson to us.
    Keep quiet, listen to the wind speak and waves lapping against the ice.
    Listen to your own heart beating loudly as it pumps blood to warm you up against the icy touch of the Arctic air.
    Clean air, ice cold water teeming with life.
    As yet unpolluted and there for us to appreciate and protect.
    Let’s keep it that way!

    I celebrate and admire the Arctic wilderness
    I celebrate and appreciate the ice, the amazing animals, the cold waters
    I celebrate and honour the wildness, the wilderness, and the silence
    I celebrate and thank the brave Arctic 30
    I celebrate and acknowledge my fellow earth-peace-warriors
    I celebrate and respect us as part of what we call ‘nature’
    I celebrate and admire you

  • Elgru

    Thank you for being there for all of us. The Arctic is a perfect place in an imperfect world. It belongs to it’s animals and indigenous people and we should leave it like that. It’s beauty takes your breath away and we have no right to harm it. May we always be strong enough to save it and listen to it’s beautiful song……

  • John William Brown

    The Artic should be protected as the last unmessed up environment we have – and it is precious because of that for all time – don’t let the Artic die!

  • Alex S

    Thank you Alex and your colleagues … The arctic is too precious to see destroyed.

  • Katrin Franzen

    The ARTIC is one of all Beutiful places on earth and earth is not the same with our it! We need arctic for the future and its sad that some people just see money and doesnt care of the earth future! You doping agerat job! Thank you!????????????

  • Katrin Franzen

    Sorry my iPad has an own life and spell for me!????. You are doing a great job!????????

  • Grum_98

    The Arctic is one of the most wonderful regions of the world. Its white color is just as pure as his habitants. I love the Arctic because is part of this beautiful world we live in. I love the arctic because is part of ourselves. We must protect the Arctic and keep it safe, so it can continue to be the northern home of our planet’s life.

  • Anna Maria Moscarelli

    perchè è il principio del mondo

  • hermine

    it belongs all to mother earth… nobody else.

  • Marina Kartelia

    It’s important to me because I know the impact of its exploitation is already obvious to me in Greece : the global warming, with a dramatic weather and climate change, from one year to the next, and the depth of the seas, the level rising dramatically to my favourite beach that I know very well, and I find it different every year. Thanks for showing me the clear truth, thanks for making me realize why it so important to fight and SAVE THE ARCTIC !!! Enjoyed every minute showing people on board the Arctic Sunrise as a volunteer when it came here in Greece for the Sustainable Fishing Campaign. I was sad with all the damages made on the ship.

  • Esther Whitehead

    SImply put: the Arctic acts a temperature governor, it’s essential in reflecting the sun’s heat and maintaining our climate’s temperature. With the decrease in ice, we’ll witness an exponential increase in climate temperature. This says nothing of its natural beauty,its exquisite wildlife and the fact that it’s the last wilderness on Earth!

  • Patrick

    Because white is the colour of peace and hope.

    • Jill

      I agree, Patrick. I was thinking that the pristine white of the Arctic is the absolute antithesis of the black, ignorant, greedy hearts of those who care nought about risking it and the planet.

  • Daniel

    The arctic is special because the top of my head is special.
    Whatever part of my body, just like every part of our planet; I need it, WE need it!!!
    Isn’t that important enough?

  • The Arctic is a unique & fragile ecosystem

  • Lana

    The arctic is special to me because it is beautiful in it’s own NATURAL and UNTOUCHED way.

  • Caithlin Meave

    All life is precious , no one thing more than another. We, in our arrogance & ignorance, have given ourselves rights we do not deserve.
    We judge other animals as stupid & use them as we will; torture, murder, genocide.
    When it is obvious to anyone who sees that they have their own beauty & intelligence.
    (They can communicate between species- we can’t!)
    We treat all plant life as lacking feeling and intelligence.
    I have been a gardener & plant lover for most of my 50 years & I tell you now, I will not live long enough to learn all my garden knows!
    We ignore the life in the soil itself
    We ignore the earth itself- as if we have another!
    We don’t realise water is finite & use it as if its infinite
    Our race is a plague on this earth & we are sick with it

    Yet in the middle of all this ignorant, arrogant & down right foolish insanity,
    Shines the light of those precious souls I meet on my journey
    Who work to be better than all this
    They live lightly
    They live with respect
    They live with humility
    They live with love

  • Gordon Jones

    It’s not just the Artic,it’s whole World that is Special..Mother Earth is a sentient being
    and just like us at one with whole Universe.It’s about time the rapists realised that they are
    destroying a part of themselves

  • Jocelyn

    The Artic, an amazing part of the jigsaw that makes this world a beautiful place. I wish that the people that only see this world as a $ would all go away and stop destoring it. I love watching the docos about the wilderness and the animals that live in it. If it wasnt for people like greenpeace and all the other people that care it would have slipped away along time ago

  • Ian Simpson

    The Arctic is a Special Wilderness that must be free from destruction by giant companies,who want to drill for oil and destroy this magnificent part of the world. If this happens I wonder how many of natures animals will be lost for ever.

  • Rob

    Dearest Alex, Thank you for your joyful tears and everything you do to defend our planet. You are so brave. As a little boy in faraway Oz I imagined the Arctic and it’s glorious Northern Lights to be Earth’s pristine connection with the universe. I never imagined it be littered and spoiled by mining or industry. The Arctic should be a sanctuary.

  • reihana

    its just so beautiful 😀

  • Ray

    Why do I love the Arctic? Just look at your pictures who needs words.

  • Lindi

    Does every corner of this Earth need to be invaded by humans? Greenpeace is taking my heart from Suburban Australia and fighting for causes that I can’t physically fight for. Antarctica is a place I never want to visit unless to protect it because these places like the Arctic should be left alone for the native sea life & animals.
    The Arctic is no more special to me than an old growth forest or a pristine coral reef but the places that are difficult to get to & even more difficult for humans to inhabit, hold promise for the future of our Planet by being left alone.
    I cry too thinking of the sacrifices we have to make in order to protect nature which in term supports diverse ecosystems. Why do many humans not care? Why can we not all Live Simply so all can Simply Live???
    Thank you Arctic 30 – Thank you Greenpeace! I support & love you for what you do.. for me, for Our Earth & all the natural elements that inhabit It.

  • Carla Dickson

    Thank you for being the active members and voice of the biggest multinational of all: our planet!

  • Michel Syna Rahme

    No Planet B!

  • Julie Brand

    I am so tired of having to fight over the last of the wilderness areas. What is wrong with people that all they can think of is money and trying to get the very last bit of everything from everywhere with no consideration for the future ? Thank goodness for Greenpeace, WWF, AVAAZ and Animals Australia etc. standing up for what can’t speak for itself. Welcome home Arctic 30 and Sunrise and thank you for trying to save this beautiful, amazing place that I hope to visit one day.

  • Lee Patrick

    It is pure. It holds hope.

    We can trust the animals to care for the ecosystem that supports them and us and not exploit it for wealth accumulation. Therefore there is hope.

  • PWSB

    I am a firm believer that everyone and everything on this earth is necessary…there is a reason, beyond our knowledge, for each species…plant and animal….as we lose species we are all diminished….therefore I hold the Arctic with great regard and am thoroughly convinced that with it’s demise we would be in deep poop

  • Rexona Titi Reti

    I live on a small island in the vast Pacific Ocean…though its just a speck on the globe, it is just as important and full of life and love as any other country or continent…the world that I’ve known and grew up in, I would like to be the same or even better world that my children and their children grow up in….I support anything that you can do just to make our world stay better even longer…

    • Sharon

      Dear Rexona, may your island be safe from rising sea levels. remember that your island is cared for as equally as the arctic. we are all connected. i live more than 500m above sea level. if you want to engage on a global level you may like to look at http://www.mrfcj.org unless you’re already part of a regional network for the protection and cultural prosperity of island nations. best wishes on your journey with our earth. regards Sharon

  • changing woman

    It is as if you are looking at “God” on earth—a sense of being in the creator’s presence,,,so beautiful, a beauty that humans can not create…a sense of Love & Light.

  • margaret

    Many thanks for making such a huge sacrifice on my behalf. I want man to keep his ugly feet out of this last pristine wilderness in the world. The price is too high.

  • Frank Peeters

    Do we really need to express a reason?
    Everything man touches withers and dies. Do we really want that for the last pristine area on this still beautiful planet? Do we really want to leave our children a world in ruins? …

  • Jenny Shippen

    Mother Nature created a beautiful wilderness many years ago and has been looking after it since with her wisdom , but like other natural wonders in this habitat we call earth what nature has created since time began can be destroyed by humans in a very small amount of time. Do not let this happen WE MUST ALWAYS BE UNITED IN OUR FIGHT AGAINST DESTRUCTION OF OUR NATURAL WONDERS AND WILDERNESS TO SATISFY OUR GREED AS A HUMAN RACE.We are supposed to be guardians of this magnificent planet preserving it for future generations. No short term gain can ever be justified by the destruction of our natural resources it belongs to all mankind not just a few who see it as an opportunity to rob us of one of natures gifts to us a pristine wilderness one of the last frontiers on earth.DO NOTLET ANYONE FOR ANY REASON DESTROY THIS LEGACY

  • Merri

    I love all wilderness…I love the planet how it was before we raped and polluted it…sweet water, sweet air, nature in harmony with it’s self…thank you for your letter..it meant a lot to me….Australia

  • Ninna Wriedt Michaelson

    The arctic is a unique and magnificent place purely because it is part of this extraordinary planet. I do love the big fluffy polar bears though, they’re cool (well warm actually) 🙂 I am so immensely grateful to all of you who are out there doing what I would like to be able to, putting yourself in the middle and being completely active with the environment, seeing the effects of a good deed a cause that has been pulled of, an animal that has been taken out of a stressful situation. All I can do is give a bit of money every month to help buy some supplies. Phone bad people or write to others. Onya guys You’re my hero’s. I and the animals that you help thank you too when they look up at you. 🙂

  • kellie

    the arctic is one of gods beautiful and endless creations, the pure and pristine white is like gods love stretching out endless, pure unconditional and limitless for us.

  • Jan McLean Ryan

    The Arctic is special to me because it is part of our Earth, if we don’t look after our Actic and our Earth we won’t have a Planet suitable for humans and animals to thrive. Congratulations, so happy you were released and free to carry on your wonderful selfless crusade.

  • Sharon

    the Arctic is heaven on earth – white, pure, silent, powerful, mystical, majestic. it is not for us, it is for other, it is for nature, for those who leave only their footsteps, for those who honour the wisdom of their ancestors. the Arctic is to be experienced with awe, observed, not extracted. it is a place of ancient and modern mythology, a place where earth’s history and future will be known.

  • steve

    i hear you serve up dead animals as food on the Arctic Sunrise?If this is true its about as far away from as environmentally friendly as you can get.Is it tue or are evil forces use mudslinging…. you guys wouldn’t destroy your integrity by serving up flesh on your boat.Would you?

  • Philip Mc

    So glad you are now free. Why do I love the arctic? Because I also love the Antarctic. And, as we have no idea what we might be unleashing by fiddling with these expanses of ice and land, we need to take care what we do in such areas. I took a ship cruise up through the inside passages of Canada and Alaska which I loved, and which, I was glad to see, was not too far into the arctic. What I saw was beauty and grandeur that made me acutely aware of how insignificant we humans are in contrast. It also reminded me vividly that we are just another life form on this planet along with the ones there that our activities may put in peril.
    What I can’t understand is this: We humans take out insurance against the risk of the most unlikely things happening, so why on earth don’t we take the insurance against the risk of climate change, even if we don’t think it will happen???

  • Moira Wellman

    Clean, crystal clear, unpredictable, wild and hostile, the Arctic is life on the edge already for its tough adapted wildlife, without the added hazard of humans seeing this environment as a source of income. You are all heros. Stay safe, and thank you.

  • Why the Arctic is important to me? Well first of all I am a great fan of ice! I am mesmerized by the Arctic landscapes, it is one of my greatest dreams to be able to see them with my own eyes one day. Apart from the very depths of the sea and the earth, it is probably the most untouched and mysterious part of our world. This makes it to me extremely intriguing. How the cycle of the days rolls, how the seasons work. The Aurora Borealis. It is almost like an alien planet right at our doorstep. I could go on but let me just say that it’s simply magnificent.

    From a resource/survival point of view… well we are talking about drinkable water… lots of it… and last I checked water is the thing I need the most right after breathable air. Water is essential for our survival, without it we would die in a few days. Needless to say that this non trivial fact applies not only to me.

    From a research/knowledge point of view… well… we are talking about a place that may very well hold astounding and revolutionary secrets about the evolution of life and the history of our planet. The various layers of ice that form the Arctic have been there, untouched and unvaried for such a long time that studying their composition and contents could give us new windows into the vastness of geological time.

    Well I do not wish to write a poem so I’ll stop here… but rest assured there is much more to it… the point is that preserving the Arctic is not only right… it’s essential and logic.

    Peace 😉

  • Chandra Star

    Love is the supreme key

  • Liz D

    Because it is one of the last wild places where the natural world is still supreme and has not been dominated and degarded by human greed and carelessness. Because I grew up in the northern hemisphere and the Arctic with the snow and ice, polar bears, eskimos (as we them knew them) igloos (and Father Christmas of course!) was a magical and enchanted place. Now I am at the other end of the world and also treasure the Antarctic as a place of mystery and enchantment, of high endeavour, heart-wrenching loss, stunning and delicate beauty. We must protect our great polar landscapes, as well as our great forests and oceans, our savannahs and mountains. Long live our wild places wildlife!

  • Mary

    You are so very brave, for me it is about respecting nature and life in all its forms and what we can do without oil is obvious, prevalent and a juggernaut of a thorn in the barbaric companies side, that soil our earth. I am on a journey to help the face of foster care to develop a new era and make positive changes or I would be with you in person, I have a few more years before I can maybe do something as kind as you are to our most gracious of earth dwellers and their cohabitors.
    Love and peace your way 🙂

  • anna

    The Arctic as ice is a reflection of a climate balance that has witnessed much life on earth. Warming of climate and the melting of this ice, through human action and the use of fossil fuels, is a symbol of the end of an era of life on earth which has sustained us.

  • Narelle Clarke

    What’s not to love about the Arctic… magnificent but so fragile against the forces of short sighted greed. Thanks for trying against the odds to make a difference.

  • Vincent

    because there are so many unique and cute animals living on that enviroment that are constantly adapting each day! i’d hate to see them die.


    I have been as far North as Narvik in Norway, to think that the environment there is under threat is terrible. The ends of the Earth are special places and must be preserved. Go Greenpeace !!!!!!

  • Beata

    The Arctic is like part of a soul, human being cannot correctly exist with broken soul, so when You won and back it was like return of lost part of us to entirety.

  • Angela

    The animals and people that live in the arctic won’t survive probable oil contamination. Shell and the Russians already have a poor history of polluting.

  • Mohamed Naji

    As said it well Michael Doherty:ther’s nO Planet B….We are here to fight any greediness and madness of any fool”big skulls”….Thank u for being there on behalf of humanity and our Mother Homeland:the Earth

  • James Sorrells

    The Arctic, like the rest of the Earth, is a unique ecosystem that sustains life that is very special to our planet. I want my two boys to have all the abundance of nature to explore and experience that I had growing up. The current fight for the Arctic represents the ongoing battle for the future of our planet, our children, our grandchildren, and beyond. God bless the dedication of these brave individuals who selflessly risk their lives to drive forward the process of change!

  • Johanna Ryffel

    Planet Earth is Sacred ! All of Creation is Sacred ! Humans Duty is to Preserve and Protect all of Nature ! Without Nature we would not be here. Now ! more then any other time in history ,all People on Earth have to unite and rally to Protect All Life on our Planet. We have no other option ! We must Help and Protect the Earth , Air , Water , Oceans, ! To protect the Arctic is Key in the Run away warming of the Planet.Lets everyone make Protection of our Mother Earth and all her Creatures , our number One Priority ! It is my number one Priority ! Thank you brave People in the Front- Line of this mighty Task ! I support Greenpeace since its Birth ! I am Senior , and a longtime Environmental Activist on many different Levels ! ” The Arctic Sunrise ” and all of you Defenders of the Arctic, are Precious ! Infinite Gratitude to ALL of YOU !

  • Brian Andrews

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful photographs. The Arctic is beyond precious for more reasons than I can list here; for its visual beauty, its capacity to support rare, specifically adapted life forms, its history book of past climate, and perhaps most of all for its low level of visible human footprint. In addition to protecting the Arctic – and many other places and animals – you and your team are risking your lives to awaken ignorance into awareness. The greedy mind and ignorance are tough nuts to crack, but you are winning. I too salute and thank you.

  • The Artic is needed for the survival and functioning of the planet, with
    all its animals and natural beauty. I bow gratefully to those who risk
    their lifes, and give their time & money to save it for all of us!
    It’s wonderful the Arctic Sunrise returns 🙂 Keep on fighting! The very best wishes & safe travels! You are courageous and GREAT! THANK YOU ALL!!!

  • Guest

    From October 2013:

  • Michael Bousfield

    Through your perseverance, dedication and finally your belief akin to indigenous people all around the world that everything is sacred, from the largest mountain to the smallest plant and animal, you have raised this as a global issue without borders. We have much still to learn from nature and you actions will hopefully preserve this dialogue we all must have with Mother Earth, where all the answers lie. Peace and Buena suerte with all you do for us.

  • Simon Clowes

    Thank you Alex for your wonderful news. Please accept and pass on my thanks for taking the risks and enduring the consequences, to protect this special place. Beyond its function as a global climate moderator, despite it’s natural beauty, despite its necessity for wildlife, despite its sacredness to first peoples, it is a place that should be allowed to stay wild as a bastion against the greed and materialism of the uncaring. All of us need a place that we know is safe and untouched. We need it in order to feel that the world is cared for and loved and by extension, that we are.
    Congratulations on your release, thank you for your efforts, and enjoy the miracle of the world that you protect.

  • Martine

    Last September we went on a cruise to Alaska and visited Glacier Bay. I was astonished that we had to go that far upnorth to see snow and glaciers. But the one glacier we could see from nearby was impressive though. The height, the blue color of the ice, and the surrounding silence were overwhelming…
    It’s a curse that most people don’t know or don’t care about this beauty and its huge importance considering climate issues.

  • Kynah Tierney

    i love the arctic like i love any other natural, beautiful place on earth, and thats a lot! Every biome on earth deserves to be preserved and to think that these oil companies cant see what they’re about to do – or worse, they dont care – is incredibly disturbing. Why would a single person want the money that will cost the world?

  • Gail

    As I travelled on an airplane over clouds that completely covered the earth beneath us I wondered if that’s what the Arctic would look like. Endless white that looked like we could just step on to it, beautiful and peaceful. A land that does not know of our ways here. It should remain that way, a land untouched by those who put the dollar and natural resources higher than the earth and those who inhabit it. A land that remains magical and never raped of its vast wonder. I hope no large company ever has any right to it.

  • jenna

    Saints like yourselves are becoming rare. My grandkids will realise your efforts as they’re the up and coming generation. Hold tight, they get what you’re doing! From the hearts of my grand kids thank you!
    Love to you all, Jenna, Billy and Darcey

  • Janika

    Thank you all for your courage and determination. You do what most of us would like to do, but for various reasons can not. I will continue to support you all in the only way I can. The Arctic is a vital part of our eco system and should be preserved.

  • Adria

    I love the Arctic (and the Antarctic) for the same reasons we – all members of Greenpeace – do: it is therefore VITAL to protect it with every means at our disposal. I admire and hugely respect the Arctic 30, and am SO happy that the 31st member of this wonderful team is on her way to Freedom and care

  • AlexH50

    Our hearts go out to all you brave people.Thank God the ship has been released.I believe that Man will pay a high price if the Arctic is disturbed for short term resource retrieval!I feel it may be a sign of desperation on the part of these resource companies and I truly believe that the resources on which our lives depend so much,are indeed running out.

  • Borah Shermacher

    Why do I care????
    Because It’s the fucking Arctic….!!!!

    Go you good things!!!! Lovelovelove xxx

  • Willaminne

    Because it is one of the last untouched places on the planet. I don’t want it to be destroyed for money, I don’t want it explored for oil or fish, I don’t want the animals there to die for the purposes of humans. And for the sake of generations to come, let us act on climate. Please #savetheartic

  • Gina

    You are amazing people doing an amazing act of kindness, not just to our wildlife and our planet, but also showing the whole world what atrocities are carried out that violate what we believe in. Keep up the good work.

  • Helena Mills

    Thank you all for your courage to endure months in a Russian prison. Thank you for helping to fight for the Arctic. Being one of the last untouched wildernesses on this wonderful planet, no one or oil company has the right to destroy such a mystic and beautiful place that supports such amazing wildlife. I hope that one day I will be able to visit and enjoy this majestic wilderness and so will my daughter and future generations, just like others past. 🙂

  • trevor

    I may never get there but I feel it’s influence upon my welbeing every minute of every day. Thank you for your courageous efforts.

  • Rhy

    The arctic is one of the most beautiful pristine landscapes on this planet and is important in maintaining the health and balance of all life. In this we all have a responsibility to protect it safe guard it from the short sighted greed of the multi national corporations before we lose it forever which would be a great tragedy. Because without a healthy environment there is no economy there is no us.

  • C. Roberts

    I love the Arctic because of the vast natural wonder of this
    creation at God’s hand. The animals that amaze us by surviving the
    killer winters and cold and the whales, bears, foxes, seals and penguins
    that we associate the Arctic with. How ever do the huskies and more
    importantly, humans survive? The Eskimos have been around for centuries
    and continue to live close by in Alaska and Greenland and the Arctic
    circle. I am very happy to hear the news of Greenpeace’s protestor
    release and are very proud that you stood up for what you really beleive
    is worthwhile. Shame on anyone who would taint our beautiful planet and
    destroy it’s beauty.

  • SwamiTaraprakash

    I believe in balance and a love for humanity and the environment. We need to put so much effort into mantainng any form of balance; through conscious peaceful effort.
    It is an age old battle we must never fail to sustain.

  • jacqui

    I also have to agree with John Whyte.Thank you.

  • T F Hesse

    I support saving the arctic because I believe it is essential for the future health of our planet and many other reasons. Besides it’s the only one we’ve got.

  • Zoe

    Thanks for getting out there and being brave enough to fight for what we all need for our future!

  • Beatrice

    Thank you for putting yourself on the line on behalf of all of us

  • The arctic is one of the last places on earth that mankind hasn’t wrecked yet! Thanks to people like yourselves it will be preserved for our grandchildren to see!

  • Alan Cinis

    I don’t have the words to describe what these pristine places mean to me. I was lucky enough to go to Antarctica and can see no reason why The Arctic would be any less beautiful. To those of you who make the difference and are the spearhead of humanity, I can only say from the bottom of my soul. Thank You

  • Tania Dunne

    The Arctic has always been a special place in my mind, untouched by humans and a precious, unique, natural wonder that we can’t allow to be damaged by greedy companies all for the sake of profit. I cannot praise Greenpeace enough for all the work that you do and for never giving up in the face of such adversity!!

  • Monica

    It’s my beloved favorite animal home, the Polar bear…a placid, beautiful…unique place that makes me dream another world is possible!.

  • Alex Harris

    Hi all,
    I’m totally overwhelmed by all your incredible messages of support – I wish I had the time to reply to you all individually, so apologies for the general reply. I can’t say thank you enough. Your support during prison kept me strong and now I’m out of prison and back to work, your support continues to inspire me. I welcomed the Arctic Sunrise home on Saturday, it was incredible to see her. She seemed bigger and more magical than before. And now as I can close this chapter I look forward to seeing what new memories and adventures she will bring in her mission to save the Arctic.
    Thank you

    PS. Loving your comments on why the Arctic is a special place

  • Negin

    Arctic is a frozen part of our planet that has been a habitat for many animal species as well as the First Nation people, they have had a safe place to live far from the pollution and manipulations that man kind has been doing all over the world. Now the danger is threatening the Arctic too; drilling for oil is the excuse for mankind to manipulate the pure and beautiful nature of Arctic and endanger all forms of life in this part. We say “No” to the intruders!
    Thank you Alex,

  • Alicja Zborowska

    I think that not only the Arctic is worth saving. It is a lot of places in the world worth saving. We have to fight with stupid people who want to destroy our environment. You are doing it. I am proud of you and very thankful that there are such a people like you. Sorry for my poor English but I am learning this beautiful language and still cannot write well:(

  • Trish

    you and your brave and dedicated companions helps me keep faith that there are wonderful people getting ‘out there’ and doing something,I cannot be there physically,but am proud to be able to help as a paying member of a gutsy and formidable team,so,thank you so much. More Power to you all.

  • Steven X. Stevenson

    One of the very, very last unspoiled places on Earth, even Galapagos is suffering excess tourist issues and Everest is littered with the dead bodies of thrillseeking fools. Oil companmies who have *one* overarching goal, to maximise profit, *will* destroy it with massive oil spills unless they’re opposed *now* in every possible ways. FANTASTIC and COURAGEOUS work, keep it up, you are heroes. 🙂

  • Tim Donnelly

    Thank you for your courage and determination on behalf of the World. We need to save the Arctic because of the essential part it plays in the management of our planet’s ecosystem AND as a stand against those who would destroy it for their own short-term gains. Thank you and all of your Greenpeace colleagues.

  • Ruth DCosta

    Hi Alex. I live in Mumbai. Forget snow, I’ve never really experienced it. Our winters are like hot summer days in London. But I know that the existence of the polar caps regulates temperatures in other parts of the world. If we lose the Arctic, we lose much hope for places like Mumbai. Please let’s do all we can to save it.

  • Marianne

    Hi, Alex, just wanted to let you know that I think that you and your team are incredibly brave and wonderful people. Your imprisonment was unjust and totally violated all your rights and yet you all keep on campaigning. Our beautiful earth is incredibly lucky to have you all defending it so vigorously and fearlessly.

  • Caroline

    Thank you to Alex and his colleagues for their sacrifices and devotion to saving the arctic. The arctic is important for so many reasons and perhaps the single most important one is how vital it is to have earthly wilderness regions that remain unscathed by modern human technologies and pillaging – to remind us that this earth is so precious in its natural state; to remind us that we as a species must protect and preserve as much of the earth’s natural state as possible – for we too need to ensure the perpetuity of life on this planet – it is after all our only earth home. I am very glad the Arctic Sunrise is back in action – god bless her and all on board.

  • Beryl Swan

    I admire you and your stance for the Artic, such courage and conviction. Guess what you are really doing is making the general public much more aware of the plights out there. thank you and best wishes!

  • [‘-‘]

    GOOD ONYA FROM AUSTRALIA! The arctic is my favourite place on earth. It’s just stunning, mysterious, beutiful, glorious and magical. THOSE OIL/MONEY-BENT B***** ARE DESTROYING IT! THEY SHOULD BE IN MURMANSK FOR TWO YEARS! It is horrible in there though……… Any way, good job Alexandria (is that it?), hope to see some change over there. You guys will receive honours for that. I hope that you are 30 are well and trauma-less. Take down those filthy buggers for me.

    Good onya, and Godspeed.
    Evan, Author, Student, and Backround activist (not illuminati).

    (P.s. Can we employ a militia to evacuate and destroy the rigs plz?

    • [‘-‘]

      Typo. It was meant to say “Beautiful”, not “beutiful”

  • Krishna Lester

    The Arctic is one of the links, all of them are vital, that make up our planet. I will probably never visit it to my great regret but it is in my mind as much as those links that I have seen and know. If we all do our bit and help to protect those that we know then perhaps there is some hope. I take my hat off to you who venture farther than most of us. Thank you Alex et al.
    Krishna Lester

  • laura

    Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!! The Artic is our hope, it is not only basic to our survival, it is a symbol that we still care about what is most precious in our planet, that our to love is more powerful than our urge to posses. Making the Artic an untouchable sanctuary is like making sure the best in ourselves will survive and shine. We will stand by you always!

  • Franck Benand

    L’Arctique est un joyau qui a plus de valeur que tout ce que l’argent sur terre peut acheter.

    Nous nous devons de protéger cette région et tous ses trésors de la cupidité de certains hommes.

  • Pia

    Your courage, dedication & tencity bring tears and my family thanks you all. We simply can not & don’t need to rape every square foot of the only planet we have. The Arctic is way too precious for the whole planet, what a shame people have to go to jail to protect it! Hands off!

  • Chris Ellis

    People who do such deeds as yours are exceptionally committed, heroic and courageous and should be supported and commended highly by the governments, businesses and ordinary people of the world. The Arctic is a place that I hoped man could not destroy, as it is not a place we can access all that easily. Tragically, our dependence on money as a plague of humans, fighting for a livelihood, has a frightening ability to wield destruction absolutely everywhere! Every millimetre of our environment is connected, and the state of the magnificent creatures and stunning beauty of our planet, brings tears to my eyes and fear for the future of my child. People like you, bring hope.

  • Margaret Caffrey

    As a vegan I hold all life as equal and mourn the destruction of wonderful and amazing life, no matter where on the planet. The Arctic is a very special place, home to creatures who maintain the Balance of Nature, keeping the oceans healthy for all life on Earth. That the Ocean flows maintain the necessary temperatures to maintain life is inestimably more valuable to us than all the oil already extracted together with that which may be in the future. It is high time that Governments realize this and the fact that we are powerless to do these things ourselves. Mankind threatens all of this, especially when we trespass in the Polar Regions. Greenpeace is largely responsible for, at least, slowing down the destruction. For this you cannot be thanked enough….. M.

  • Chloe Smith

    thank you even know i am 13 teen i want to make a difference in the world like you do

  • Tory

    Im so thrilled that miracles and justice for being treated unjustly has been the greater force in your prolonged battle. I prayed for you and your team of friends. I prayed for the safety of the waters and life in the arctic. The arctic is a forever mystical and innocent home that creates a perfect balance for our wild life and ecological system that the world is slowly destroying mostly without a thought. I am not a huge fan of unintended consequences , I view it as ignorance or almost a hate crime towards that precious remote part of our earth. Please continue to use your knowledge , ability amd skill to press forward for the good of all thats pure !