5 things you can do right now to stop CommBank funding coal

Heard about the Commonwealth Bank funding more fossil fuels in 2016 than any of Australia’s big banks? Feeling outraged that CommBank is propping up the dying coal industry that is polluting our planet and destroying irreplaceable wonders like the Great Barrier Reef?

Want to do something about it but not sure what? You’ve come to the right place!

Here are five steps you can take right now to help put pressure on CommBank to stop funding dirty coal:

  1. Sign the petition to CommBank’s CEO Ian Narev.

    What good will signing a petition do? Petitions are a great way to show how much public opposition there is to something. In the case of a big brand like CommBank – you could be a potential customer, an existing customer or a shareholder – they care what you think, and want to show you that they care about, what you care about. You know, like mates do.

    Sign the petition to CommBank CEO Ian Narev here

  2. Write on CommBank’s Facebook page here, or Tweet at them here.

    CommBank have a new marketing campaign that says ‘A new world needs new way forwards.’ They got that right! They’re asking Australians to tell them what issues and opportunities face us, and they’re asking straight up on Facebook:


    CommBank's new marketing campaign says a new world needs new ways forward
    Write on their Facebook post
    and make sure they know thousands of Australians care about a clean energy future, a healthy Great Barrier Reef – and CommBank has to play its part by committing to stop funding coal. Have fun with it!

  3. Print and send a letter to the CEO Ian Narev!

    It’s important to show the bank that people are so upset by them funding coal that we’re willing to keep at them from all angles. This is when they really start to get a shake up, and will come to realise that this issue isn’t going away for them anytime soon.

    Download this pre-written letter, personalise it for maximum impact, and get posting!


  4. Tell 3 people you know about the campaign right now!

    Send them this SMS (or write your own):

    Have you heard CommBank is funding dirty coal projects, which are putting the Great Barrier Reef in danger? I signed the petition, can you add your name? bit.ly/2oqZYS5   (or use coalbank.org if you’re not copying and pasting the SMS)

    People power wins, and power comes in numbers. If all of us get three people on board, we will triple our power instantly. Simple. Get texting!

  5. Organise your own activity.

    Ready to take it up a notch? You’re a legend! And you’re not alone. Amazing people all around the country have been getting creative at branches near them, and they’ve been impossible to ignore. There’s so many things you could do – visit your local branch manager and ask for a meeting, or do something creative like sing outside a branch (like the amazing folks in Adelaide did)!

    Let us know here if you’re keen to do more, and we’ll be in touch with some materials to help you.

    Amazing residents in Byron Bay put up a banner on the CommBank branch saying 'Funding Coal, Killing the Reef'

    Amazing residents in Byron Bay put up a banner on the CommBank branch

    Got some other ideas you want to share? Drop us a line at [email protected] or post in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

    PS. Are you a CommBank shareholder? Let us know at [email protected] – You have a lot of power, and we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve.